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Linux / Mac Improvements

James Joseph 8 years ago updated by Danvanf 2 years ago 34 1 duplicate

I made a post on the original forum but considering I don't see any new changes to linux on 5.6 I'd like to post this again here.

The update to Mac & Linux client (specifically linux) is very lacking in terms of appeal/interface/feature rich like it's Windows sibling.

There are features that aren't available on Linux or Mac like remote printing and the new lasso tool for searching for items etc. Not to mention that the interface could use a bit of a change also.

While I appreciate you supporting Linux & Mac as hosts when alot of other companies wouldn't even consider it I think there should be some consideration taken for providing close if not the same usability that Windows users can get.


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I just had to talk to 3 different ScreenConnect tech support people before one of them could figure out how to get meetings to work from a Mac host. The Mac user interface is very confusing, and the online documentation for meetings doesn't exist for Mac (the link directs to the Windows documentation, which doesn't say that it's for Windows only). You know the UI is poor when your own tech support people can't figure it out.

Hi Bryan

We are looking to speak to current Mac users and have an early design concept of the interface to share, would you be interested in participating?

Hi pfp,

Great , can you please email me at HKhan@ConnectWise.com we can get something set up/coordinate.

We have an ongoing project to help reduce some of the parity between the Mac and Linux clients. The .NET client allowed for more customization early, but we're decreasing the gap between the two clients everyday. I apologize that the agents were unfamiliar with the client, we should be addressing the hole in the documentation in the coming weeks. We appreciate the feedback.

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Just adding my .02 cents. The overall quality and lack of features on Linux is terrible. IMHO Linux support is Alpha quality at best.

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I support Mac users exclusively and have been happy with its ability to control a Mac (compared to other solutions). However the interface is lacking, the chat window especially. My clients continue to click in the top window of the chat  hoping to get a cursor, after some mouse wiggling they close the chat in frustration. A simple "Reply Here" would help at the very least.

@hkhan - I would be interested in participating.

Hey @cmanning, please email me at HKhan@ConnectWise.com and we can get something set up.

Hey Joseph is it started or under review?   Getting spammed with all the status changes is getting old.  I'm not really pissed or anything but really, why all the changes to status.

Hi pfp,

Bijo is looking into how we could implement this request (remote printing) on OSX & Linux, and internally we have two different status (architecture & dev-in-progress) buckets the ticket is moving between. I have updated our setup so you aren't spammed :) sorry about that!

Considering for Future Release

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