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End Session on Access sessions is a problem. Strongly suggest "Remove" or "End/Remove" etc.

Rick Boatright 5 years ago 0

I'm reviving an old topic under a new heading.  

This comes up due to the bug in 6.9.2xxx + that resulted in Guests on the Access list disappearing. The workaround until the bug is fixed involves setting the accessSessionExpireSeconds in web.config to 0.  This resulted in all the ancient long-gone access accounts that were normally filtered out reappearing like the zombie apocolypse.  

Support helped with setting up a pair of session groups using GuestInfoUpdateTime > $60DAYSAGO to give us a filtered list of the current sessions, and GuestInfoUpdateTime < $60DAYSAGO to give a group of the ancient old accounts. 

I disconnected from support chat, and went in search of a way to delete those old sessions so that my staff could have just the current ones (or at least delete MOST of them...) I selected the ones I wanted to delete, and got a menu of actions in the right hand sidebar with the choices "Edit, End, Reinstall, Uninstall" 

None of those choices sounded right. 

  • Edit didn't offer a delete option. 
  • End wasn't what I wanted, They're already ended, hell, most of those machines don't even EXIST any more. 
  • Reinstall and Uninstall weren't going to help since 
    • a) the machines are off-line or no longer exist  and 
    • b) I don't want to do anything on those MACHINES, I want to remove the account.

So, I went back to support.  Michael was very polite and told me that "End deletes."  

-------   oh.  -------  

It's a horrible term on the Access page. "End" makes perfect sense on the support page, and I certainly understand that development might want consistancy in the terms used, but support sessions are VERY DIFFERENT than Access sessions.

A further issue is that in the knowledgebase, and in the documentation, no search for "delete account" or "remove account" or delete or remove access session returned any link that explained that you can delete an access session by choosing "End." 

So, I suggest as the best answer, changing the menu choice to  "End/Delete" or "End/Remove"  

If development hates that, then please pretty please create a knowledgebase page or a documentation page entitled "Deleting Access Accounts" that points to the explanation of the meaning of the options under End.  

-- Rick Boatright 

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