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Remote support session through Intune (like Teamviewer Connector)

lpatterson 5 years ago updated by Dave Grimmer 11 months ago 11 1 duplicate

Microsoft Intune has Teamviewer Connector now to allow launching a remote support session with managed devices straight from Intune.  Can we get this feature for ConnectWise Control too?

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Hi ConnectWise,

Any info on this?

yes, yes, yes - let's get all the tools in the same place

Urgently needed!!!!

Its hard to understand why a tooling as this isnt added to Microsoft Intune yet. Makes me wondering why we dont go back to Teamviewer to be honest. Intune is future nowadays.

Very much a feature we need for our company! Trying to avoid TeamViewer...

Any update on this? This would be so helpful.

Yes yes ! love Screen Connect and need this in intune !