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Automatically Hide Banner When in Backstage

Fred 5 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 years ago 11

It would be nice if there was an option to automatically hide the banner when in backstage mode or when connecting directly to Backstage mode.

Hi Fred, 

Your enduser should not see the connection banner on their screen when you're in backstage. If you want to disable the connection banner in backstage for your own view, you can do so via the Advanced Configuration Editor - more information here

However, at this time, this will disable the connection banner for all Access or Support sessions, whether or not you're in Backstage. 

Hope this helps!

You're right it doesn't show the banner when in Backstage.

There is a notification that pops up that alerts the user that someone has connected through backstage. Is it possible suppress that when connecting to BackStage?

We like to notify the user when we connect to their session so we want the banner and notification to be on, but if we connect with BackStage we would prefer that they not be notified.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Fred, 

What version are you on? We've had a report of a bug where a toast notification is displayed when you connect directly to Backstage, though it doesn't appear to be replicating in 19.0, which was our most recent stable release up until yesterday when 19.1 was pushed stable. The bug fix should be in our 19.3 release.


I'm on 19.0.23234.7027

Thanks Fred, 

I was mistaken, this does replicate in 19.0. As I said, the bug fix should be in our 19.3 release. 

This issue seems to be happening in the current 20.7 version as well. Joining directly to backstage still pops up the toaster banner to the console session.

We are still seeing this issue in 21.8.3663.7830. Any updates on this?

Still having this issue in 21.9.4007.7863 !

Please prioritize

This is still an issue for my company as well and we are on version 21.13.5058.7951

Hi Jordo,

Currently, the issue is with the development team. As soon as it gets fixed and clears the quality check, you will see it in one of the upcoming releases.

Thanks for your patience.