Support SC server options to move to LDAP on Linux Servers

anonymous 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 18

Partner would like the possibility of moving SC server from internal authentication to LDAP on Linux.

Pending Review

An absolute must have feature for every company bigger than... 0 people. We're waiting for years already to see that be done.

No reason to not support this when it is supported on windows.

We are waiting for this for a long time also. Please add this feature ASAP.

Pending Review

Please add this functionality. Have been waiting for 3+ years for this seemingly simple request.

I would really like to see this come to the product.

This is a much needed feature in my organization's use of Screen Connect.


For a Linux deployment to not support LDAP is absolutely bizarre and a HUGE negative.  I can understand AD maybe not being supported, but LDAP is a no-brainer.  Needing to run Windows to support LDAP authentication is a deal-breaker.

Considering for Future Release

This is unusable in an enterprise Linux environment without this.

We would also very much like to see this feature on Linux.

+1000 We really need LDAP or Kerberos AD Auth. Plenty of linux web systems support AD auth. No idea why this is not already in the product.

We've been waiting *years* for this, at least ldap, if not full active directory.  I get that mono doesn't support AD, but you can get close enough with Novell.Directory.Ldap.  Please..throw us at least half  bone to work with.

Everyone, Update to 6.6, for linux it has active directory as an option, i've not yet had a chance to set it up. Not sure if it's just LDAP, but the fields available are 


The menu option is there, but it's missing the libraries to work.  It only works on the Windows version.