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Allow the Automatic Screen Recording to be limited to a single device

asteidl 8 years ago updated by patrick 4 months ago 21 5 duplicates

Allow the Automatic Screen Recording to be limited to a single device instead of global setting that applies to all devices.

This is a feature of Extended Auditing. http://help.screenconnect.com/Administration_page_audit_tab

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or a group of devices.


I agree that we need to have the capability to have recordings as a minimum to at least groups. I can see this being added as a security permission. I have only 12-15 users that need to have recordings out of my 100 users.

Thank you.


I can see two use cases here - either a specific group of machines needs recording (regardless of user), or specific users needs everything recording (regardless of machine). If either user or machine are set to record, then recording is automatic and can't be stopped. Thanks

Alex, I was thinking to being able to put a select group for recording which would then be automatic if they are placed in the proper group. I could do specific users just a little more work on doing it that way.


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ScreenConnect is a much better name than ConnectWise Control............. Should have saved the money on the rebranding. ;-)

More options for recording would be fantastic. The two use cases that we have here would benefit from recording based on user. I have a Director that does some pharmacy support (would rather he not, but can't win that battle) at times he tends to cause more issues than he fixes but can't seem to remember exactly what he may or may not have done. This makes it more difficult for my department to remedy. The second case is when we train up new support techs. It would be great to record their sessions during their training period for later review with them.

It would also be a nice opportunity to register for the user or groups of users

This would be soooooooooo helpful I CAN'T EVEN 




Any news? Thx

This would be very helpful to have.

I've got a similar situation, we use it as a CYA as well, but we have some institutions that flat out do not want anything recorded from their systems, it would be ideal to create a dynamic group that can exclude this feature. In addition it might be useful to allow a tech or admin to remove a recording already made or purge the recording as it is happening. For example you're doing a remote on a local business CEO computer and you stumble into a not so well hidden folder with explicit material, that might be one case where keeping a recording of that isn't the best idea.

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My request was merged. I'm looking for an opt out option not an opt in. Either way the function should be able to be on or off for any given system. We should be able to set the default of on or off and then create exceptions to the setting on systems and groups. 

Please implement this :) we need this for some clients that require us to show what we did to a system if requested.

8 years... no traction?  Wow