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Change default command language

forevanyeung 5 years ago updated by CraigB 3 years ago 9 1 duplicate

From the Host page, change the default command language to be selectable or configured through advanced configuration plugin (how timeout is configured).


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Hi forevanyeung, 

Can you give me a little more information about your request? Are you talking about including text encoding in the product through the Advanced Configuration Editor extension?



Hi Caitlin,

I was looking at the Host page, from the tab where you can run commands. Right now the default language is cmd, but you can specify if you want commands to run with PowerShell if you specify 


Right now you can change the timeout setting from the Advanced Configuration Editor, so I was hoping to change the default language via the same.

Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying!

As stated:

And more space to write commands.

Another suggestion. Replacing the simle textbox by a an autocomplete dropdown menu with history of previous commands.

Any progress on this?

It's a real pain to send a script to a bunch of remote machines and have the whole thing fail because I forgot #!ps at the top.