Ability to control Chromebook OS

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Partner would like the ability to control and launch sessions from device's running Chrome OS.

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Whats the latest on this? Was horrified to find out it wasn't supported with a live client and to see this has been under review for so long and other forum posts dating back 5+ years.


So is it actually on the roadmap now?

We are exploring the technical feasibility of this feature

Uncomfortable that it took 4 weeks to get a reply. I feel like others are able to connect to ChromeOS. When are we going to get an official response back?

This is not an active thread. Visit the forum for more detailed release notes 


thanks for posting the URL to the thread. Glad I can rely on connectwise to treat their customers well

way to go back and modify your post so it looks like you posted it the first time, when you didnt. 

Considering for Future Release
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