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Timeline Event Clipboard Toggle

Jacob Kuder 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Please reference support ticket#: 13440184

We would like to be able to disable the timeline events for the clipboard during a remote session, when copy/pasting a directory with thousands/million files in it, the Timeline gets thousands of events which it can not handle in time locking up our server requiring it to be restarted. This cannot be resolved with disabling the clipboard sharing.

We believe this was discussed previously in the below closed request, however the posted solution in this link does NOT solve our issue:


If you need to see this issue in the wild we can reproduce it and provide you with evidence if needed.

Hi Jacob, 

We did some internal testing, receiving a folder with 50k files and about 1GB in size, and only saw 2 total events on the timeline and no issues with instance performance. This was through the send and receive file utility, not copy and paste. Are you always copy and pasting or dragging and dropping instead of using the send and receive file utility in the host client? Any additional information will help us reproduce in house and get to the root problem. 



Good Morning Caitlin,

Understood. This issue isn't happening through the send/receive file utility, so that's probably why you didn't see a reproducing of the issues we are seeing. The issue occurs when copy/pasting a directory with thousands/million files in it when utilizing the clipboard in any way.

Thank you and let us know if you need further info!