change relay server on *already installed* client

uptownruss 4 years ago updated by jayelem 6 months ago 13

Please enter an enhancement request to allow updating the relay server on the client(i.e. Already installed client). I am guessing people sometimes need to update their relay server for various reasons... It would be MUCH easier if we could just change a registry entry or something instead of a full uninstall and reinstall.

Now due to a DDNS issue, I have to manually go uninstall and reinstall EVERY client I have out there... Very painful process.

After talking with support at length, they finally shared with me the registry location to do this so I can now script this for my users.  Please close this request.

Hi Do you mind sharing this registry entry, or script so that I may do the same.

Hi Andrew.  How many clients do you have to update?

I have about 47 clients over different locations.

I don't see that we have a private message ability here.  If you give me your email, I will help you out.

Sharing would be good, im looking for the same for about 600 clients...

I'll try to help you out if I can.  Just give me your email or way of contacting.

Could I please get those registry key locations as well?

I'm migrating from a support vendor who has Screen Connect installed on all our 2k + endpoints to our own instance that we'll support internally, dropping that previous vendor in a week or so.

rob dot knight at sun dot auto


would also like it if you could share the key you can contact me at jschale at thecgp.com Thanks for your time

I would very much like this registry key as well, if anyone has it.   cd at beaconcomputers.com.  Thank you.

Would also like the registry key info if anyone can share it. I found a few entries that contain h=fqdn.url.com along with a massive string of characters. But, not sure which or if all need to be changed, and if there is another change in there. Also... is it now possible to add failover URLs?  You can reply to bwstech at gmail

why are you hiding this information?