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Option for Consent to survive a server reboot

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We support customers in a different time zone. Also, we require consent whenever our techs connect to a customer's computer. Sometimes, these sessions are left open when we go home for the day so we can continue to work in the morning before the customer arrives. If our SC server reboots, say for Windows Updates, during the night, the customer's session will reconnect, but it will require consent again before we are allowed in. I would like for consent for a session to survive a server reboot and only go away when a session is ended by the client.

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I upgraded a test server to the latest 5.6 build. I had a user establish a session and get consent. Then, I rebooted the SC server. When it came back up, the client reconnected, but the host required consent again before he could get back in. Is there some setting that needs to be made before this functionality will work?

Right now, a Guest's consent is not expected to persist through a ScreenConnect server (or services) restart, so that's expected behavior. It looks like Mike may have misinterpreted your request, I'll make sure he sees that.

I reopened the issue for dev to consider the request. I missed that you were expecting consent to survive your SC server being rebooted. Sorry for the mistake there.

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This feature request was closed, but was there any resolution to getting a guest's consent to survive a ScreenConnect server reboot?

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It seems we are having an issue with status mapping between the forum and our internal tool. This topic is not closed, but awaiting consideration for a future release. I apologize for the confusion.