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Digitally signed pkg files for MDM deployment to macOS systems

Andrea Rochira 4 years ago updated by John Case 4 months ago 19 3 duplicates

Our company recently transitioned to ConnecWIse Control. A great product, although on macOS systems, Gatekeeper dislikes the "unidentified developer" property of the pkg file. 

This poses two problems:

  • many times, the support technicians have to guide end-users through multiple System Preferences settings in order to successfully establish a connection
  • when the pkg file is deployed through an MDM platform (and it's not internally signed by the company), the installation fails 

It would be much appreciated to include one of the following features in Control:

  • pkg files automatically signed by ConnectWise
  • upload a company developer certificate that can be used to sign the pkg files


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Would love to see this. Users have to have admin rights and right-click the app to allow it to run: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH18657?locale=en_US

We're having a similar issue with non-admin domain users who are remote, so this would be a fantastic addition.

+1 on this. We use ScreenConnect exclusively in a Mac environment and we fight this constantly. Plus it makes our customers look askance at our installers...

I would love a simple plugin method to use our own Apple Developer Certificate, but I would settle for having you sign the packages.


Any progress on this feature review?


We're still waiting as well to hear about this.

We would also love to have this feature please. Will make it much easier on the client end, and save us some sanity !

Making this problem go away for a mere $99 a year would be a dream. I probably spend an extra 30-45 minutes every week onboarding mac clients. And it's probably my worst 30-45 minutes of each week :) (on a positive note your 6.1 update has been absolutely fantastic for those of us on the mac side. seriously upped my productivity working via remote access)

A year now of waiting for any response on this. This is the single biggest feature you could implement to make Mac users live easier.


That's great if you have access to a Mac to maintain updated signed pkgs.

However, I'm sure everyone here would like to not have another manual process to manage.

Kirsten I just followed your directions and it worked! You have saved years off my life. Thank you!

I support a LOT of Macs and having a signed installer would be much better. Right now, I direct my Mac users to Team Viewer because your app is too much for them to install.

one more vote for Apple signing. We love CONNECT, but it cannot be used with many of our clients due to regulatory or security issues. The other developers in this category have found ways for customization AND still qualify for signing. 

Yes please, just moved from Teamviewer and our ad-hoc support sessions have visibly increased in times to close and it's just due to end-users struggling to override gatekeeper. 

And it's not an easy attack vector but not as secure as it could be. 

Hi Marco, 

Are you still having problems deploying the MacOS .pkg? 



Since it doesn't seem a priority for the ConnectWise dev team to provide the digital signing of the pkg files, this feature would be a very much appreciated (and maybe easier to implement) alternative. 


I just got off a chat session and was told to submit a feature request. Obviously after 5 years, they could care less.

Can you please just make a .mobileconfig file that we can use with MDM solutions? I believe everything else is in place, but a .mobileconfig file would make setting the Mac permissions SO MUCH easier. The software updates continue to cause updates for our managed Macs.