Dropdown items for organization when creating access session

Larry 7 years ago updated by Kat Palacios 7 years ago 12 1 duplicate

When creating a access session, sometimes a user would type in the wrong name and therefore not show in the group they created for a specific name

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This would be nice. Just make sure the dropdown respects the user's permissions. Meaning if the user is restricted & only has the ability to interact with certain session groups, I don't want them to be able to see all the other organizations they don't usually have access to.

What about a combo box option for each of the custom properties that allows for free-form entry, but also contains any values that are already in that property (and thus already visible to the user?). That would I think accomplish the original request (which is what I was looking for) and still allow for less maintenance of the "list" which I'm afraid Karl's suggestion would cause (at least for us).

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