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Ability to limit the amount of bandwidth the client consumes over low-speed connections

tehiota 3 years ago 0

Story: As a host, I want to be able to limit the maximum amount of bandwidth Control uses during a session such that my session does not become unresponsive/unusable over lower speed connections.

Sometimes we use Control to remote into PCs over VSAT connections as low as 512kbps with RTT latency up to 2000ms.  If the Client PC is displaying motion video (perhaps a CCTV window is open) then it's possible for Control to consume as much bandwidth it came--up to our limit.  This further presents a problem because it's nearly impossible for the host to control the PC enough to close out the application or minimize the window; however, sometimes the Host actually needs to configure the application that may be displaying video.   A host disconnecting from the client doesn't immediately resolve the solution as it appears the client has a buffer that must be emptied despite the host having already disconnected.

Possible solution would be to add a Client Build setting to limit the maximum amount of bandwidth the client can produce.  Excess video would be dropped, etc.

Better Solution would be to not only limit bandwidth, but also have an option for a UDP connection between Client - Server -Host rather than TCP to cut down on latency and make it easier to limit bandwidth and drop packets gracefully.