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User and Device Assignment Management NEEDED!!

DNutting 3 years ago 0

I have a few clients setup with an Access account, and the lack of any Assignment Mgmt is a glaring oversight. What we need is a clear picture of:

1. WHO is assigned to WHAT client computers (User AA has access to machines 12, 14, 32; user AB has 12, 18)

2. Client computers are assigned to which Users (same in reverse, machine 12 is assigned to users AA, AB and CC)

3. MANAGEMENT of that information, the ability to EDIT (fix accidental assignment or need to change assignments)

It seems a tab in the Admin section like 'Assignment Management' would be brilliant.

I saw a similar request from TWO YEARS AGO. Seriously, this should have been included from the beginning. We need this ASAP. Please get this implemented.