Make the right check of "Require Consent" from the Control Portal not from the Client device.

Nuha Baghanim 2 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 2 years ago 1

Dear CW control team, 

I need to do the right check "Require the consent" on my side or by the Control portal, not the client device side like SolarWinds. 

When we need to revoke the "Require the consent ", the technician can do it by control portal. Because some times, the client has an issue but he/she is not on the device. So, the technician can solve the issue without any action from the client's device.

I hope these features add it on Control as soon as.

so can the technician works smoothly with any device when the client gives his approval.



Hi Nuha,

You can set 'Auto Consent' from Advanced Configuration Editor's quick settings which will auto approve the consent in guest user's absence. Click the link for more info.

If this is not what you meant, please help us with some example or a use case.

Hope this helps !!