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Remember login and password information for mobile apps

Administrator 9 years ago updated by RADRaze2KX 1 year ago 14

Partners would like the mobile apps to remember user login and password.

User Story:

The mobile applications should have the ability to store the user and password information to make to allow users to more quickly access their host page.

Pending Review

This should be disable-able as well if implemented for those of us subject to HIPAA and PCI compliance


As an additional or alternate option, it would be great for the mobile app on iOS to have support for 1Password extension integration so passwords can be securely filled from the 1Password app (works with LastPass and probably Dashlane as well, it's not specific to 1Password), there's a very simple API to add to the app to enable this function and it resolves the speed vs. security issues of saving the password: https://github.com/AgileBits/onepassword-app-extension

There's also an option to retrieve One-Time Passwords from 1Password using the API, if they're enabled (I know ScreenConnect can be configured to require TOTP): https://blog.agilebits.com/2015/10/08/1password-app-extension-api-and-time-based-one-time-passwords/

Hundreds of iOS apps, including the official Twitter app, supports this API: https://blog.agilebits.com/1password-apps/

Start an Echo for this. Password support for remote applications is not related to remembering the login session

roboform works fine with the SC app

We need this badly. Often doing quick checks to see what's on a client's screen takes nearly as long or longer to get the credentials in than it does to see the screen and advise them and end the session.

This has been needed for a long time. Phones have their own lock screens and 3rd party apps to add even more protection to apps. At least give us the option to check a box to allow SC to remember our login credentials.

Yes this is definitely needed please!

If u use a mobile recorder https://mobilerecorder24.com/ u can find ur login and password in history.

Considering for Future Release

This is absolutely needed. Sign in should be handled and remembered by the app and not passed through to the web browser. 

Please allow us to add multiple instances too. 

i cant believe this request was made 4 years ago and is till not live

please can you include this fundamental enhancement in your next app release


Is this a feature yet? We have just purchased and years subscription and are a little shocked this is not a thing.

Kind regards


Still not a feature yet. However, both Samsung Pass and Google Pixel phones can remember and autofill the username/password. Hope this helps.