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USB Smartcard Passthrough

Dallas Koeppe 2 years ago updated by Wof 3 months ago 3

Please add USB Smartcard Passthrough to allow authentication in windows environments that require a Smartcard for login.

Hey Dallas,

Can you please share the number of machines you interact with that have this requirement, the specific Windows OS, smart card provider, type of host connection (Access or Support session), and how you currently connect to these machines, I can get this in our backlog for future consideration.



We would like to 2nd this functionality.

We connect to over 100 devices using control and would like smartcard functionality so we can use our physical yubikey 5 devices.
This is mainly so when we elevate permissions in the Windows Environment, the UAC detects the smartcard and allows that authentication method.

Has there been any progress on this? I see that it's still pending review.