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tunnel non-screenconnect traffic between a host and guest machine

Márcio Isidro 7 years ago updated by Sean Keown 3 years ago 12

Some vendors offer the possibility to send requests to the client machine via the connection made. in this case I want it to be possible to make requests to the client machine through the connection made.

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Hi Márcio,

Can you expand on your request? What kind of information where you looking to relay?

Hi Michael,

Let me try to explain a little better:

1- I am connected to a client machine with screenconnect

2- I need to do queries on my client database with TOAD (for example)

3- Without installing the TOAD software on my client machine I need to do that queries with the connection that screenconnect client create.

Do you understand my question?

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Essentially it sounds like you want a VPN between the client machine network and the host computer? Would love to see that as it is one feature from TeamViewer that I have been missing.

Considering for Future Release

This would be great. I miss this feature when I used teamviewer

any updates on this suggestion?


I was just thinking about this the other day. If only I could connect to my clients SQL server to run queries using the session as the bridge.

Exactly. This would be an incredibly useful feature for a lot of people.


Over 2 years later and still no updates or responses from ConnectWise. Do feature requests even get taken seriously? Even just a response would be appreciated.


Would love to use this to tunnel other protocols i.e RDP / SSH / VNC / HTTPS..   No need for a full blown VPN.