Under Review

Allow Support Client to "Snap" to Windows Areas.

Cazi 8 years ago updated by Jason Yocum 3 years ago 10

Almost all applications in Windows 7+ allow for "snapping" to different areas of Windows. For example if you drag Notepad to the side of your display it takes up half of the screen, or if you drag it to the top it will maximize the window. Please allow the ScreenConnect support client to do this. Thanks.


Yes please. Moving your support window back and forth between screens without Snap is annoying. Also would be nice to use the 4 area snap in Windows 10 on larger screens.


Considering for Future Release

Frequently I'm accessing multiple classroom computer simultaneously to perform maintenance and support. Not having a snap feature has been my departments only complaint on how ConnectWise works in comparison to LogMeIn and TeamViewer. After 8 years of having this feature, we are now learning how valuable it was from other vendors. Thank you, and hopefully 3 years has been long enough for review and consideration. 


Please add this to ConnectWise.  I have 4 monitors and would be great for locking into place and moving sessions from monitor to monitor

What is the status on this? This should be a no-brainer.