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Lock on Disconnect only for specified host sessions

cmaheu 4 months ago 0

Use case: If I'm connected to a kiosk user session that doesn't have a password, the Lock on Disconnect should not lock the user session. I want the avoid the user needing to use the Windows lockscreen "sign in" to the kiosk session. If I am connected to an admin session however, Lock on Disconnect should lock the session as usual.

To make this possible, either of the following mentionned ways can help with my use-case:

1. Allow specifying host sessions for which to enable the Lock on Disconnect feature (or the other way around). <- my prefered implementation.

2. Allow option for enabling Lock on Disconnect only for sessions with admin rights.

3. Allow option for disabling Lock on Disconnect for sessions without a password (or make this the default behaviour?)

4. Allow option for disabling Lock on Disconnect for Windows Kiosk sessions.

Currently, the only way to achieve a similar behaviour is to use Selective Lock on Disconnect plugin and manually tag a machine before connecting to a Windows session that should get locked on disconnect. This is prone to human error and not viable for my team.