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Warning about ongoing file transfer when closing connection

c g 4 months ago 0


I just lost a rather large file transfer that was almost finished because I closed the connection window by mistake.

It was not a support session but an access session. I connected to the remote system, initiated a file transfer using "Receive files" and then just had the session open waiting for the file. I cleaned up my desktop after about 20 minutes and closed some unused windows, where I also closed the access session, since I wasn't doing anything on that computer.

This caused the file transfer to abort without any warning or error message.

This should be prevented by showing a popup window that ongoing transmissions will be aborted if the connection is closed.

Additionally, I don't see why the connection is aborted at all. Since I was not connected to a support session but an access session and the connection to the remote system is still available after I close the window showing the remote machine, why doesn't the file transfer continue? If it were a support session where I also clicked "delete the session" I would understand why the file transfer is aborted, but not if the connection is still available.