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Default to single monitor

crkkze 8 years ago updated by Dominic 5 years ago 23 3 duplicates

On connect I would like to default to a single monitor. In my case monitor 1

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especially for dual monitors.


Can this be different for each user? for example currently if a user changes the screen quality to low then the next person who logs in will see that same quality. it would be nice for each person to have their own personal settings.

This would be great if this option could be saved as a user preference per user.

The only problem I see with this is that if there is more than one monitor, and the end user has the web browser (for instance) set to open on monitor #2, the tech might end up thinking there's a problem with the application instead of just that it opened on the other screen and he didn't see it. I'm actually guilty of this myself :) Would be just peachy if there was a way to indicate that an application that was run has appeared on the non-displayed monitor.

PLEASE allow us to default to only showing 1 monitor what a small alert to show there are other monitors?

We service a lot of POS machine with customers displays the fact that it shows both every time is killing us.

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Ditto for this. Or, at the very least, remembering the last config from a workstation to a remote system.

For instance, if someone works from home on one monitor but has two monitors at work, they should be able to have default settings (once those settings are chosen). Similar to how apps remember where their last display was set.

i'd prefer to default to whatever it was last we connected, but I'd lean towards showing everything initially.  Once we've connected to a device and either filtered down to a single monitor OR split out the monitors to seperate windows I'd like subsquent connections to keep those settings.

I'm afraid that defaulting to a single monitor is going to cause us to frequently miss that they have multiple monitors.

Oh I totally agree. I have offered the Windows + P as an option to switch between multiple/single. But users don't WANT an extra step when they are used to RDP.

What I mean is actually defaulting to change the remote settings to a single monitor, not just view a single monitor.

So basically, it would be nice if by default it behaved like RDP but gave the OPTION to extend to a second monitor - not the other way around.

Considering for Future Release

I would really like to see this as well (defaulting to one monitor)

It'd be a great option that could save me clicks.  With 3 monitors on the machine I remote into the most, I'm always selecting the main monitor.  Otherwise it's too tiny to do anything.


How is this still pending review after two years! Many of my clients have two monitors and Control always opens with both monitors. This default function is worthless in my opinion. When the program opens both monitors both are too small to do anything, the Control program sizes the window to my desktop... but it is sized for two monitors so when I change it to a single monitor it stays small, making it equally useless until you either make the window fullscreen or waste time dragging and sizing the window to my screen.

The fact that this is still being considered is irritating. There are duplicate requests from people wanting this feature, multiple replies to said requests and plenty of upvotes... We need this to function in our jobs without having to stop and switch to a single monitor and resize the window each time. I don't care if it is a setting you can turn on or just the default way the program should function but I have used plenty of other remote support apps and not one of them opens to multiple screens as the default option... because no one uses it that way!


Asked the same thing before to see this topic. Published 3 years ago. Really ? So basic feature for this kind of product. I'm a Teamviewer user since 2 years. The price of their plans (I have an old licence with TeamViewer 12, no subscription plan) forced me to look at another solution. Someone in other business talked to me about ScreenConnect (ConnectWise). Tested it 1 day. I like many features of this service, but there is two negative points :

1 - It is slower than TeamViewer to remote control guest that has bad Internet connection. Several lags with display even if I set the resolution to Medium.

2 - No possibility to show only one screen by default when the guest have two screens.

This morning, I will look at another solution to try...

Was this feature taken off the roadmap?

This request will be covered in these two. Please go to those threads for updates

After two weeks of use :

1 - Still have some lags (one occur sometimes when I disconnected from a user account to log in another account in Windows 10, I have to click on the screen to see the Windows 10 lockscreen), but less since I changed default screen resolution to medium.

2 - Still wating for this basic feature (default view to only one screen)


All my computers (200+) are dual screen and I'm already tired switching to the first monitor manually every time.
Please, implement this ASAP. Should be easy and fast implementation.

I agree, still waiting for that. I never use both 2 screens at a time and I have to switch too to the first screen on connect !