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Some app.config settings on a per user basis

David Norelid 8 years ago updated by Brandon Wilcox 4 years ago 13 2 duplicates

I'd like to see more settings available on a per-user rather than per-endpoint basis. One example:

I use SC to do remote support for my clients. I'm almost always connecting in when they're there, so I never want to blank the monitor. I've provided access to SC for a client who wanted access to their own PC, so i created a user, customproperty with their name to give them access to their PC only, all that jazz. They can log in and use SC to connect to their PC and only their PC. They want the ability to blank on connect by default because they'll only be connecting to their PC when they're out of the office, so they don't want anyone snooping around and looking at what they're doing remotely. However, this is the same SC install on their PC that I connect in to when I support them while they're in the office, so I don't want it to blank. Setting the app.config on their computer would make it so that no matter who connected, they'd get blanked, which isn't ideal. If the preferences were attached to the user, then they'd get the blanking default they wanted, no matter the computer they connect from or into, and I'd get my non-blanking that I want.

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App.config settings are directly tied to the guest client, not the user. Can you tell us which settings you'd like to see added to role based securty?

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Please review adding this feature as many companies have different levels of engineers that require different permissions. As of now, the only way to restrict certain functions is globally via the app.config. We need more granularity.

We really need this functionality, please implement this ConnectWise!

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Hello guys. I was told this is where I should post this.  Basically i'm looking to set individual permissions for my users. Specifically myself and my supervisor prefer to connect as view only to machines first before we take control. Here is our scenario. 

1st, Employee places a helpdesk case on an issue.

2nd, We connect within 5 minutes of the case being opened as view only.

3rd, We evaluate if the user is still on the stuck page they opened the case on or if the user is working feverishly.

4th, If the user is on the page, we switch to take control and start fixing the issue,

5th, If the user is busy, locked or away from the desk, we then contact the user to find out more information.

View only allows us as technicians to get an in depth look into the problem before we connect to see what is actually going on and how we need to actually fix the issue. 

However not everyone in our organization needs this permission.  What I want is a choice to startup in view only or control mode. and I want to lock this down by not allowing everyone to have view only permissions.  My other 15 techs will not need that view only permission.  I'm told right now that Suspend Control At Startup is the only way to accomplish this. But it affects everyone, not just myself and my supervisor, So we need a way to set this just for us since that is how 99% of the time we connect is view only and everyone else is 100% connecting by control. 

Also as a side case, When my current solution switches between view only and Control, I can tell at a glance which way my session is. In my current solution the menu bar at the top of a control session turns red if it is view only and the mouse pointer turns to a red circle with a line through it to further indicate it is view only, If in Control mode it stays a grey color. I typically work on up to 15 machines at a time in different sessions, So being able to tell which one is view only and which one is in control is a huge deal for us.  

Also View only allows for us to allow a 3rd party tech into our systems and allows us to go view only so we can work with the tech via phone calls and not disturb his mouse movements. So being able to see that as red as an indicator it is view only is a huge help is us not making a mental mistake and messing up a tech working for us. 

Considering for Future Release

We are also looking for a solution for this issue. Our use case is slightly different, but the need to customize the session by computer or user is there. 

We want Administrators (supervisors or management) to be able to connect "incognito", meaning no banner, pop up notification, suspended input, etc. 

We do not want all Hosts (technicians) to have this ability.