Allow for a choice between legacy consent method and the newest one-time consent until restart method

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The recent update changes the way consent to control works. Now, it only requires consent for the first time connecting, and allows for connecting to the machine over and over without consent there after until the session is ended, service started, or possibly with a reboot. The original method required consent each time the tech connects to that PC.

The new consent method is a huge HIPAA concern, especially with LabTech users using the ScreenConnect integration, as connecting this way does not allow for easily ending the session.

The resolution would be to give us the option to switch between the concent method, that way everybody is happy, and people who are invovled in HIPAA-sensitive environments do not need to explore moving away from ScreenConnect and opting for a different solution.

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Michal, are you an on-premise or cloud partner?

Hi, on-premise.


Yes, since version 5.6, after a first connection, consent dialog not displayed until the machine is rebooted or the service cycles.it would be nice to have an option to force the display of consent dialog each time.


Any news of this from the dev team? Due to privacy concerns, we can't update ScreenConnect to version 5.6 unless this has been fixed.

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Making the option configurable in this manner doesn't address the overall issue. There were a lot of requests to make consent survive a reboot of the machine. Dev is currently looking at alternatives that should work for both use cases. I'll try to update this post when I have new information.

Having the ability to control when consent is "reset" is very important for SC users that manage HIPAA environments. Though a pain for some, for healthcare clients, its important that SC asks for consent every time a tech connects to a client workstation, even if the session is already established.

Having some comprehensive consent control options could make everybody happy in that consent requirements could be better customized depending on the environment. Even further, it would beneficial to be able to assign workstations to different "consent groups" in the case one workstation falls under HIPAA requirements but another may not.

A simple Yes/No when connecting to ask if User concent is required would be perfect!

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I just started the same topic! This is a huge issue for my health care clients. THUMBS UP please..

At the moment, the Consent to Control for "access" clients is 24 hours or user logoff, whichever comes first. It would be nice to be able to set this to a shorter period. I have customers who may request me to log in a few times a day and it is mandatory for them to allow me the access every time. I cannot have them logging out and back in every time to make the popup happen again.

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