Require 2FA only on new browser

Nick S 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 17 2 duplicates

As with other applications that use 2 Factor Authentication, there should be a "remember this machine" checkbox so as to not prompt every time.

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Really want this. Entering the 2FA one-time password every time is productivity killer.

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can this be an option? does not make sense to have a remember machine option. takes away the security of 2FA.

It doesn't really take away the security, that machine just becomes the second factor. If someone guesses your password, not likely they'll have access to your machine too.

I know it is started, but it needs to be an option for people to choose to be available not a given. As in configurable in appearance where the box is not viewable on the screen. Browsers keep UN / PW and without the 2FA pop up then there is no security on a machine. You can change how often you are logged out basically the same thing as this request.

also you can use Authy for your 2FA and just copy paste the number.

would love to see this - we have a password management system which done this. domain credentials for internal or 2 factor for external. works a treat

This could be dangerous - password saved in browser and 2FA "ignores" machine: 2FA just went to 0FA.

I agree - hopefully this is an option that we can turn off if we do not want it.