Add an 'installed date' property to session filtering

Mike Bannerman 9 years ago updated by KevinR&R 2 months ago 13 2 duplicates

Partner wants a way to sort the machines based on the initial installation date.

User Story:

Adding a 'installed date' property that pulls the date the client was installed on a machine would allow the partner to group recently added machines together as a check to make sure his technicians are adding machines correctly and for auditing purposes.

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This is something that would help immensely. I have been trying to figure out a good way to do this for quite some time and have been unable to do anything solid short of workarounds creating more work for myself or my techs.

Along the same lines, I feel like the ability to have time frames for session group filtering as well as report manager selection would be so helpful!

---Use Cases---

Session Group: Agents Installed within past xx Days

Report Manager: Host Session Connections within (Last 7 Days, Last Month, Last Quarter, etc)

I imagine both of these are hinging on the same underlying limitation so fixing one would allow for the other to also be easily completed.

would the install date change when the server is updated and the new version is applied?

So, what's the solution to this question?

I want to add this Session Group as well.

I know it's an old thread but I was looking for a similar answer - in my case to limit ticket generated by an internal monitor for Antivirus to agents installed more than 2 days ago (so that AV deployment actions could run) -- and eventually found a query that would do it:  Computers.DateAdded < DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -2 DAY)   So to do what this user needs a query could be Computers.DateAdded > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -8 DAY)

Had to use this site to find the value:   https://automationtheory.org/schema/index.html

+1 to have this property added.