Extend Guest Access time limit, currently 1,4,8,24 hrs, need week, month, year options.

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We would like to give Guest access to a host view only for longer than 24 hrs. We have a client that has a screen connect account and a PC host that monitors a water pump station. They would like to have clients in the city show the Water Pump software running on the host machine to clients and city officials. Free advertising for Screen Connect as well! Can this be done? I only see 1,4,8,24 hr access under host pass. I would like an indefinite option or at least a week or month or year.

Sounds more like you're wishing to issue a Host Login with view only creds. Are you an on premise customer? Does access have to be set to time interval?

Pending Review

Hello Kristen. Just wondering if this is under consideration. We will need this feature by Next April 2017. If not we will have to look for another product.

Hi Airtech,

To reiterate what Mike asked above, would providing a view-only permission help? You could create a user with this permission and the user would only be allowed to view sessions (helpful for monitoring). Now, if this isn't what you're really looking for don't worry because this topic is under consideration with us as well. I just asked because we have a view-only mode request open. I cannot promise when or what release this improvement may be released in, so I suggest you follow this post for updates.

hi Kristen,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, read Only mode may be just what we need. Our Goal is to have City Official in Milwaukee be able to view the PC Screenconnect is installed on but not be able to change anything. The other question is with our account how may viewers can we have active at the same time while we are logged in adjusting settings while they are watching?


Second question would be are you looking at an on prem license or cloud? We can assist you in implementing this.

I am not sure what you mean by premium licence or cloud

Hi Rick,

ScreenConnect Cloud provides hosted ScreenConnect installations ("instances") and offers different packages with different features and allowances.

The ScreenConnect On-Premise Perpetual licensing allows for a self-hosted installation with license use based on “technician licenses."

For more information please visit this page: https://help.screenconnect.com/Licensing_overview

If this doesn't help please let me know.

OK, in this case we are using Cloud based Screen Connect, Watertronics.screenconnect.com