Automatic Uninstall Of Client

kcstueber 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 6 months ago 13

It would be great to allow for an automatic uninstall/removal of the client after a session. It creates a potential confusion for the client on subsequent sessions when asked to overwrite or rename.



Zero footprint is required at the end/exit of an ad-hoc RS session.


Right-click the session in the dashboard... "Uninstall" or "End" (for attended sessions).

If you need to uninstall at all, it sounds like you're getting clients to install the software when you should probably just be opting for temporary/attended sessions.


Sounds like the OP wants the Support Sessions that download a file (ClickOnceRun, for example) to delete that file that was run to launch the Click Once client from the downloads directory.

For my part I keep a couple of Remote Support Sessions published for customers to join when they visit my portal. Therefore, at the end of a session I rightclick the Screenconnect client on the guest's taskbar and select Exit, (leaving the session published for the next time.) It would be beneficial to remove the ClickOnceRun file from the downloads section at the end of the session to leave a Zero footprint.

Considering for Future Release

I'd like to encourage against doing this.  There are times where I temporarily disconnect from a session but don't want it ended until I say I'm done with it.  "I'll disconnect while this scan runs and reconnect in ~20 minutes" during which time I connect (with my single license) to another PC and get another quick job done.

When I am done with a Support session, I will End it manually.


I believe the idea behind this feature request isn't that the client will be deleted when you disconnect from a session, but after the tech is done with the session, as in when that session is actually "ended". So instead of the "End' functionality having the client just stop it's service or end the program, it would clean up after itself first, and then stop the service/close out.


This can't be any plainer - Zero Foot Print on the client machine at the end of an Ad-hoc Remote Session.  This is fundamental to the trust expected by the client.


Not sure why there is hostility being spewed here.  I'm just trying to draw a clear distinction between temporarily disconnecting from an a session and Ending it (or Exiting it on the client's side).


No hostility on my part - sorry to have caused offense.  This is a technical forum not facebook so nothing is aimed at any individual.


I have a ConnectWise client running as a service on my Mac.  Can't uninstall because the service is running.  How do I clean this up and close the service and uninstall the client?



Not that this is a Support Forum & I'm sorry that someone who offered you remote support left their software client behind.

I'm not a MAC expert, but you should be able to stop any running services or processes using the methods outlined here, and then delete/uninstall the application so that it can't run automatically in future.


Good Luck.

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