Add some sort of indicator that credentials have been stored for session

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Partner would like an indication that credentials have been stored.

User Story:

User has stored credentials on some, but not all servers. It would save him time if there were an indicator that they have been stored.

Ideally this would appear in the Session Details pane and Host client under Manage Credentials menu.

host_client alert credentials indicator manage_session_group store
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Is this feature still roadmapped? It looks like there haven't been any updates in over 2 years or so.

yes that sounds the same. only thing I think I would add is the ability to clear stored creds from session details. 


We added a notification to the Window CTRL host client to indicate when credentials have been store in 19.0.  Sorry we forgot to update the post.  

Could I updated this request? I would like for the key icon itself to appear different, say filled if credential is stored and outlined if not. Here is why:

We'd like our techs to start preemptively collecting the end-user passwords in control so we could potentially use un-attended access to resolve issues while they are away from their machine. The techs could gather this during any remote support session where the user is available, however, in most of these cases the user is currently signed in, so the only way the tech would know if credentials are stored would be to sign the user off to view the popup. If the tech saw a non-filled key icon they would know that we still need to gather the password for that PC without needing to sign the user out to check. 

Let me know if this is feasible or not or if you have any questions about this, thanks.


Can we get the status unmarked as completed? I've clarified on a different request, thanks.