Built in option for HTTP to HTTPS Redirect

dennis frank 8 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 4 years ago 18 3 duplicates

It would be nice for the on-premise option to have HTTP traffic redirected to HTTPS built in as an option for those who want to use SSL.

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The forum post on this is horribly wrong, and your support staff are directing users to that post. This resulted in 4 days of outage for our instance while we were trying to figure out what the problem was.

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would be a good option

Why is this declined? This feature should be build-in by default!

We've gotten around to SSL-ing our screenconnect. Now as a result if users forget or don't know how to type HTTPS in from of my url it won't work. Most end users don't know this...


That post no longer seems to work in the new version - pretty important if you ask me and others! Otherwise I need to setup a page to link to it rather than allow them to visit directly!

For anyone looking for a workaround, you can use IIS to do the redirect until screenconnect fixes this option.


We successfully used the steps in this post http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_postsm11906_HTTP-redirect-to-HTTPS.aspx#post11906 to get the redirect working, but it would have been nice to just flip a switch instead. At the very least, if they're directing people to it, they should clean it up and post it as a KB.

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Considering for Future Release

It is 2018 and v6.5 was just released and this option is not available.  The code is already available in the forum post above so don't understand the delay.  Jean Luc Picard Says "Make it so" for the roadmap.

We would like this please

Can't hold my breath any longer - turned Blue already!

Looks like the problem was solve in the old forum on post 11906  but as already pointed out, http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_postsm11906_HTTP-redirect-to-HTTPS.aspx#post11906 doesn't work anymore.

Please can someone point post here the contents of that method?

Self Hosting License Holders are not getting the service anymore . . . 

I am very surprised when onboard to this product that this is not a built in feature. My team had to provide work arounds for this but this needs to be a feature.  I am not sure how stable that workaround will be as time goes by.  

MSPs and the customer's we support have security requirements.  SSL Connections is at its simplest form and needs to be something part of your on premise product.  This is indeed still a problem and not resolved as I have identified with support this week.

Can this get reopened?  We almost had to back out of the product deal with ConnectWise because of it.

To all who said the link didn't work, try this one instead:


Its just the subdomain and domain changed otherwise the content is still there.


Hi All - The option to enable automatic HTTPS redirection is now available in the Security Toolkit extension. More information on how to configure is in the doc!