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Allow non-admins access to Report Manager

brad 7 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 years ago 11 2 duplicates
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This would be useful.


Oh, yes, we need it badly, since admin guy belongs to a dept that doesn't use this software at all, but can't give admin level to others.


Currently I am not an Admin and I have to request for someone else to run a report for me.  This would be handy to open up access to reporting.


SOC audits can really be a problem when everyone that needs to use reporting must be a full admin.  This is a terrible oversight and makes it increasingly difficult to put more reporting jobs on one person with no means of scheduling.  C'mon now.  This should be a priority. 

This is my issue, plus our customers want the information as well for their endpoints.

I agree this is a terrible oversight, and surprised that the control team did not jump on this as soon as they have seen this.  Should be able to trigger a report as well.  Hard to believe this thread has been going on for four years with no attention to getting it completed.  

Hi MichaelB, 

If we were to open this up to non-admins, would you be comfortable with everyone on your team having access to reporting? Or would you like to see some permissions around who can and cannot run reports? 

We'll look into making this feature available to non-admins in the near future. 



I would think we need to be able to limit access.  Since it requires an edit of the report to filter dates in the gui it would require access to edit all of the reports.

I have found a way to pull the report via URL and submit custom filters, but I have to have an admin user logged in first, then I can pull via URL whatever we need.  

If there could be a read-only report user I believe I could finish automating the pull of the reports. It would be much easier if there was an API to auth the user, then pull the report, but at this point, I think the ability to say ReportingUser can pull reports only would be a step in the right direction.  Can not allow all to have access to all reports.  I have customers that log into control to access their endpoints.  I do not want them pulling reports that contain information for all of our endpoints, etc.


i know for me I had requests from our team members to get a daily report of their connections for the day. I had an automate script almost done to pull this information that the user could run themselves or scheduled to run daily but since the end user didn't have access to the report center they couldn't get a report of their own connections. 

I can see the potential need to keep users away from some reports but they should be able to at least generate their own connections report.

This may have changed since its been a few years since I dug into this, but anyone who was used to getting their own daily connection reports (from our previous platform) has gotten used to not having them.

I'd rather go "I would you like to see some permissions around who can and cannot run reports", means a simple check-mark level to allow report or not to any Software credential, individually.