Restrict ScreenConect usage by the time of day

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The partner does not want his employees logging into ScreenConnect when they should not

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Same here - we have some users that aren't IT that need access but have no reason to be accessing after hours. We're subject to HIPAA and PCI so if we could incorporate time restrictions into roles somehow that'd be ideal


Would love the ability to control when my employees can access screen connect. We outsource our level 1 support and being able to make sure they only have access during specified times would be great for security

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We also have to deal with HIPAA and PCI and this feature would be at the top our of wish list.  There are very few or our tech who need to have access during off hours and even those that do would be scheduled for such access, so having this feature and would be fantastic

Can't you accomplish this with AD or LDAP integration already in the product?

+1 control the access during off hours is going to be a must with the new regulations.

I have a need for date/time specific access control.  Users have 24x7 access to their own personal workstation.  I want them to have out of hours access to other PC's that they could use for backup.