ConnectWise Control 19.0

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  • Make printer mapping to a guest a manual action
  • Add styling to the AuditPanel.AuditEntry________ format strings to make the Detail column look better
  • Notify host when Stored Credentials available during session
  • After creating or editing a session group, it should be selected on the host page
  • Notify host when UAC prompt is present on guest's end
  • Add a delay to the removal of the NeedsAcknowledgment SessionEventAttribute
  • Record Guest Client Operating System and Version via Activity Tracing
  • Separate enabled and disabled extensions
  • Join with suspended input (Java)
  • Show an instructional message on guest client installation on how to set up Transparency Consent and Control permissions
  • Create way for trigger to process guest info and see changes
  • Add a filter option for SessionEventType to the audit log
  • Reformat the General tab
  • Add additional fields to the General Tab
  • Set SecurityPanel.PasswordQuestionVisible to true by default
  • Implement AutoConsentAfterSeconds for Mac/Linux
  • Make the host page work w/ subgroup security
  • Move to new versioning format of core product releases
  • Add logon session switch to audit log
  • Display an extension's entire description on the extensions page
  • Show a user defined UserSource name in the security tab
  • Refactor linq stuff to not have 2s
  • Add new directory and upload buttons to manage toolbox
  • Refactor GetBoundedValue methods
  • StyleSheetHandler: add ability to nest @media queries under selectors
  • Update modal dialog UI style to match Unified UI
  • Add Additional Activity Tracing to Product API so that result of web methods get recorded
  • Automatically trigger log in process to only available user source
  • Create OpenID Connect (OIDC) user source
  • Create method for directly joining to specific logon session from Web UI
  • Add java client ability to connect to specific logon session on launch
  • Provide light and dark theme options for the host client
  • Update .NET client toolbar
  • Implement new Tiled Menu design in .NET host client
  • Create "LoadRmmExtension" basiclicensecapability
  • CLONE - Manage Credentials Security Setting (Java)
  • Update SessionProperty.Custom1 default to "Company"
  • Protocol Version for Java client
  • Version the client protocol with a dedicated system rather than the product version
  • Need to verify SAML response signature before decrypting
  • Status Page needs to change its max-width and match Flat design style.
  • Create licensing flag for HostPass
  • Get rid of references
  • Make EndPointStatusSleepingForFreeLicenseDescription more general
  • Refactor grid CSS to get rid of "position:absolute"
  • Need tooltip text for "Microphone" and "Speaker" tile for Host Client Tile Design
  • Change formatting of messages in the Chat window
  • Ctrl Alt Del Notification
  • Add Activity Tracing to JavaSwing/MacApp Host Client Clicks
  • Add Join Button to session details column
  • Update Guest Page background
  • Change PopoutPanel style to match standard guide in Shell Theme
  • Reduce modal dialog content top padding for shell theme
  • Blank wallpaper of a MacOS machine by creating a blank window on the desktop
  • Allow extensions to add tabs to the admin page
  • Change 'RMMExtension' basic license capability to something that makes sense
  • Change "Activate Light/Dark Mode" to "Enable Light/Dark Theme"
  • Make filter box it's own class
  • Update project to use new ConnectWise signing cert
  • Add a separation line between Give Feedback and Enable light theme in Host Client
  • Add 2 storyboard landmarks to Admin page for in app message delivery
  • Force mobile apps to use protocol version 16 (6.9)
  • Update width of 4th column on host page
  • The black mask under Modal Dialog should get FadeIn Keyframes instead of ModalSlideIn keyframes.
  • Add back one method signature in Elsinore Aliases to support extensions with security changes
  • Mono Server not working with subgroup security changes
  • Populate the idle time for Mac machines
  • Reimplement SCP-32808
  • Add license flag in Staging


  • Unacknowledged chat notification dot is not visible on sessions with lengthy names
  • Relay thread locking model apparently has some issues
  • One-time password error message appears on wrong page
  • Cross-Site Script Inclusion Vulnerability in WebServiceBase [UPDATE] Remove this fix until we update the product to be compatible
  • During a busier server's typical usage, CopiedFile events can quickly increase the size of the database and reduce overall performance
  • Instance process can consume > 5 GB memory by creating web connections with millions of items in the connection's m_WaitList property property
  • Clicking and dragging out of the host application when the Guest's monitor is blanked results in it being unblanked with specific Guest Windows Operating Systems
  • SAML login does not support multiple group/role assignments
  • Session selection resets when session groups are recalculated
  • Clicking "Prompt For Storage" multiple times will open multiple forms
  • ActionThreadPool queued item count can increase ad infinitum, leading to increasingly long delays between work being queued and work being completed
  • Still using old icon in Add/Remove Programs and installation dialog for server installation
  • Host client comes up and draws very slowly
  • Status panel not sizing internal fields correctly
  • Commands tab text no longer appears as fixed width
  • Alt-Shift-Tab not working again
  • Differentiate ReadOnly and Disabled textbox style
  • Unable to copy text directly to clipboard from Modals on iOS devices
  • Checkboxes to select sessions in session list are not positioned correctly in Edge browser
  • In Edit Role Modal mobile view, the text in Secondary Buttons is not center aligned
  • Java jars: The signer certificate will expire Feb 1, 2019
  • Mac bundle doesn't recognize developer for our application
  • Certain icons used for ApplicationTitle16 break the host client title bar
  • Click-and-drag anything off the sides of the host client window of the background session makes it a blank dark screen
  • Session Manager fails to start on server install
  • On Safari, the Invite via Link tab in session detail panel is not underlined when clicked, and the Calendar tab is partially underlined when going to the Link/Email tabs from Calendar tab
  • Access Agents failing to connect and/or report any machine information
  • Server process crashes occasionally when a Guest connects to a Meeting session after other participants are already connected
  • Java Client throws key not found exception when trying to connect to a session using 7.0 server
  • LDAP Server connection error throws briefly after instance reattach if the browser has previously authenticated
  • Mono server fails to start web server service on install
  • Instance processes immediately terminate after InstanceInstallationManager's call to CreateProcessAsUser (in WindowsExtensions) creates the instance process
  • When you logout, the user name field is not populated
  • Broken header appearance at the home and guest pages when LogoPanel.HeadingVisible set to true
  • Unexpected behavior on clicking Query Audit Log in Audit Page
  • Windows clients not waiting between connection attempts
  • Java host client causing guest client to reconnect when issuing blank guest monitor or block guest input
  • Loading indicator overlaps text in dialog
  • AccessLockMachineOnDisconnect causes Windows 2012 R2 to lock the screen when a log off is requested
  • File transfer doesn't appear to be working
  • Router can crash due to MemoryStreamNotExpandable error while processing ClientHelloMessage2
  • Move session group functionality does not always work in Firefox
  • Choosing a different logon session from the toolstrip should anchor the mainform to the toolstrip
  • We refer to Ctrl-alt-delete with different abbreviation and capitalization
  • Ctrl-alt-del message visible on backstage session
  • Ctl-alt-del banner still visible when guest disconnects
  • First colon of messages is different color/boldness from the rest
  • Start button span text is hard coded in Default.master
  • Mismatched animation names for new session highlight animation
  • Activity Tracing Produces Malformed Time Field with Comma-Joined Timestamps
  • The chat notification red dot does not have the correct color on session group panel
  • Unable to install rpm Access client onto specific redhat-based Linux distros
  • In Firefox only, a blank section gets injected to the bottom of the host page when switching to an empty session list after opening up a modal.
  • Disabled input dashed underline shouldn't apply to non-text inputs
  • Create and Build buttons flicker when they shouldn't be shown
  • Start+ should be hidden when it contains no items
  • Docked "Essentials" is rendered in an expanded form when the host client is relaunched, hiding other docked items
  • Guest connection state can become incorrect after database maintenance when *SessionExpireSeconds is set
  • Mobile clients fail to connect to 7.0+ guests
  • Activity Tracing Produces Non-UTC Timestamps for Instances in Locales Not Using the Gregorian Calendar
  • Acquire wake lock unable to toggle
  • "..." icon in Master Panel get wrong color in Shell theme
  • Guest unable to close client window if Host is screen sharing
  • Unable to scroll when the browser is resized to be small enough to require scrolling
  • Infinite number of CopiedFiles events generated if guest copies directory containing at least one file when host connected and host/guest machines are the same
  • Pressing Enter after typing in an email address when sending a Session invite should send the email
  • Empty Panel in session list panel does not center aligned.
  • copy/paste and drag/drop fail in Windows Server 2003
  • Select Logon Session user names are clipped when there are multiple users
  • Guest page not compatible with Internet Explorer 11
  • Instances on 19.0.22286 can peg the host cpu attempting to process incoming relay connections
  • Unknown error (0x8384f) when attempting to elevate a support session
  • Login screens says "reset link sent" even when the user doesn't have an associated email address
  • MasterPanel is cutting off in Mobile view
  • Admin page has extra white space on the leftside of DetailPanel when window width is between $maxWidthForNarrowViewportLevel1 and $maxWidthForNarrowViewportLevel2
  • Specific types of Triggers defined from the Trigger page can cause various server issues
  • If you navigate to a tab with no sessions, a thin line appears at the bottom of the UI for an Android phone and subsequent navigation to a tab with sessions will cause the UI to jump
  • All Admin Pages need some right padding on mobile view
  • Button from createFilterBox has a different preferred size when in focus vs not in focus
  • Toolbox not launching GUI applications in Backstage
  • Disable Join with Options when more than one machine is selected
  • Changing database maintenance plan is not reliably triggering restart of session manager and relay services
  • Join with Options is bypassing configured security
  • Enforcement of Join permission is dependent on HostWithoutConsent and ViewWithoutConsent
  • Ensure session filter properties are correctly named across the board
  • Changes made to implement subgroup-level permissions cause host page to repeatedly throw session group not found exceptions in certain circumstances
  • Subgroup Security - Some APIs need to be backwards compatible for extensions
  • VWIN2K12 and VWIN2K12R2 not reporting guest info
  • Changing themes in .NET client deletes chat history within the client
  • The guest page has the wrong image logo with shell theme in IE browser
  • Upgrading mac access agent to signed version is not straightforward
  • Mojave instructional dialogue window is not topmost
  • Multiple dialogue windows can be opened simultaneously

Build: 19.0.23665

Build: 19.0.23550

Issue Type
Summary Component/s

Instances with AutoReinstallOldVersionClient enabled and clients that persistently fail to upgrade can consume > 6 GB memory

Installer, Java Client, Server

Join button in session details and end button on the host page not reflecting permissions.

Host Page

AccessControlType "deny" doesn't work in 19.0

Host Page, Permissions, Security

"Join with Options" permits access to backstage and session switching even when SwitchLogonSession is disabled

Backstage, Host Page, .NET Client, Permissions

Instance server installer should be able to be run against an existing installation with the same version

Installer, Server, Windows Server

References to no longer existing Session Groups in Role.xml can cause GetDistinctCustomProperties call to fail from the Host page preventing the custom properties from being edited

Host Page, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Unable to upgrade Java client version via Reinstall

Guest Client, Java Client

Cloud users can delete administer permission from all roles, which prevents cloud account admin from accessing the instance without reverting

Administration Page, Security

Build: 19.0.23234