ConnectWise Control 19.1

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Build: 19.1.23235


  • Alphabetize Users in "Select Logon Sessions" Section
  • "Manage Users" capability for external user sources
  • Add client-side debugging
  • Add an option to split multiple guest monitors into separate windows


  • Data list in Status page has jumpy effect when resizing window width
  • Credentials to view Report Generator reports
  • Extension Marketplace modal need a 1px border to separate the title panel and content panel
  • Button font size in the Invitation box is too small
  • Triggers page have too much white space in the bottom
  • Make the header work as a expand/hide button in Status and Extension Page
  • Make sure all the labels are left aligned
  • The mircophone icons is not aligned vertically in Host Client Participants Panel
  • When host start sharing a meeting session the docked panel took the full width
  • CORS vulnerability in GET requests
  • blank cmd window when calling start cmd in backstage
  • iOS and Windows App crashes when Manage Credentials is selected from Essentials Menu
  • Clicking between access sessions on host page briefly flashes the invitation panel
  • Zoom plus and minus buttons in windows host client aren't reacting to each click
  • Session ending LaunchUrl parameters for session title is not url encoded
  • CapturingEncounteredError notification banner briefly appearing when logging on/off when using RunBitBltBlitter
  • User menu items are inaccessible in landscape orientation on small screen size devices like the iPhone
  • Switching to Backstage after a guest has provided consent, reprompts for consent, making it impossible to connect to switch to backstage
  • Host page has scrolling related issues in landscape orientation on iPhone X
  • CAD notification appears on screens it shouldn't
  • Implement a way to prevent extensions from loading onpremise if they've been identified as potential vulnerabilities
  • Instance level forgot password form includes external provider link
  • Print screen not passed from a Java host to a windows guest
  • Padding of ScopeBox in Edit Role Modal Dialog is not balanced
  • Error when unable to contact the LDAP server is not descriptive
  • remove auto-population of username from run service prompt
  • Kerning on 'Uninstall Extension' button looks off
  • Client shutdown at Windows logoff occasionally takes a long time
  • GuestInfoMessage2 not implemented for Mac and Linux machines
  • Cloud users can delete administer permission from all roles, which prevents cloud account admin from accessing the instance without reverting
  • Only show 'Forgot Password' link on LoginPage if there is a user source that supports changing password and add a configuration to control it's visibility
  • Host client window has some funky resizing behavior
  • The tray icon menu population on a mac is slow
  • Preserve the SessionInfo when the session list gets thinner

Build: 19.1.24566

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Guest Client, Installer, Java Client, Mac

6.9.21027.6898 to 19.1 agent update breaks on Macs


Build: 19.1.24050

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Client, .NET Client, UIUX

Move open new monitor window to corner button


Build: 19.1.23964

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Installer, .NET Client

ClickOnceRun prompts user with "Unknown Publisher"


Build: 19.1.23701

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Host Page, Security, Session Manager Service

Support sessions show up as access sessions for users with certain roles after upgrading to 19.0

Bug Host Page, Session Manager Service

Old sessions appear on host page after upgrade to 19.0

Bug Host Page, Mobile, Web Application, Web Server Service

Nav and Session Group panel collapses when session group w/ subgroups is tapped


Build: 19.1.23577

Issue Type Summary Components

Instances with AutoReinstallOldVersionClient enabled and clients that persistently fail to upgrade can consume > 6 GB memory

Installer, Java Client, Server

Join button in session details and end button on the host page not reflecting permissions.

Host Page

AccessControlType "deny" doesn't work in 19.0

Host Page, Permissions, Security

"Join with Options" permits access to backstage and session switching even when SwitchLogonSession is disabled

Backstage, Host Page, .NET Client, Permissions

Instance server installer should be able to be run against an existing installation with the same version

Installer, Server, Windows Server

References to no longer existing Session Groups in Role.xml can cause GetDistinctCustomProperties call to fail from the Host page preventing the custom properties from being edited

Host Page, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Unable to upgrade Java client version via Reinstall

Guest Client, Java Client

Cloud users can delete administer permission from all roles, which prevents cloud account admin from accessing the instance without reverting

Administration Page, Security