ConnectWise Control 19.2

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Build: 19.2.23598

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Administration Page, Host Page, Shell, UIUX

Apply new Modal style to match standard guide in Shell Theme

Task Data Streaming

Add Activity Tracing to IosMonoTouch Host Client and WindowsApp MainPage

Task Host Page, UIUX

Adjust the Start + button height to match the User Icon height so the popout panel will have top aligned

Task Host Page, UIUX

Added more right margin to the numbers in Master Panel

Task Host Page, UIUX

Replace PNGs with SVGs in Run Tool Modal

Bug Guest Page, Shell, UIUX

Login button's hover-over background is outside of global bar

Bug Host Page, Session Groups, UIUX

Add a permission to a session group with no permission will make the session group jump

Bug Mono Server, Relay Service

Bug in Mono Server: Relay fails to startup with typeloadexception

Bug Server

Server Extensions GetServerUri method doesnt always get correct scheme and port

Bug Server

Latest master fails to connect to guest.

Build: 19.2.24707

Issue Type Components Summary
Story Host Page, UIUX

Make shift+doubleclick on session open the "join with options" dialog

Bug Host Page, UIUX

No result shown after send email in Host Page invitation tab

Bug Login Page, Security

Invalid password question prevents user from logging in after 19.2 update


Build: 19.2.24683

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Page, UIUX

End Modal message update

Bug Administration Page, Audit Page, Security

Audit result data not properly escaped

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

For an access guest client setup on a macOS Mojave machine, no guest information is populated on the host page and connecting to it results in a blank screen.

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

SessionInvalidSessionEndedMessage not rendering on Mac

Bug Host Page, UIUX

ShareMessage panel in Get Host Pass Modal gives error message when clicked

Bug Java Client, Mac

Black screen when connecting to macOS Guest under specific circumstances after immediate use


Build: 19.2.24567

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Extension API ; Permissions Add ability to demand any permission via an attribute
Task Security ; UIUX Add ability in UI to set PrimaryAccessTokenEarliestValidIssueTime
Task Triggers ; UIUX Update Trigger Reference to include ModifiedGuestInfo and new relevant OldSession object
Story Host Page ; Security Provide a way to 'unqueue' queued items
Story Host Page ; UIUX Updated End Modal
Bug Backstage ; Guest Client ; UIUX Join Backstage with Option from host page is notifying machine users
Bug Client Resource ; Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Windows host client tooltip banner displays incorrect string
Bug Client Resource ; .NET Client ; UIUX Fix broken windows host client button command texts
Bug Client Resource ; Guest Client ; UIUX Unable to close guest client window when .resources file disappears
Bug Guest Client ; Installer ; Java Client ; Mac 6.9.21027.6898 to 19.1 agent update breaks on Macs
Bug Guest Client ; Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Deactivating a connected RDP session causes a connected host client to flash and appear unresponsive
Bug Guest Client Black screen on Windows Server 2019 Standard (headless)
Bug Guest Client ; Host Client ; .NET Client Blanking certain multi-monitor guests sends the blanked display to the host client as well
Bug Host Page ; UIUX ; Web Application Downloading the access agent build installer opens a new tab briefly
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Default references to CustomProperty1 should be "Company"
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Hardware network (MAC) address isn't rendered correctly
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Notification red dot will be cut off in narrow master panel
Bug Java Client ; UIUX File transfer progress dialog shown when reinstalling from host page
Bug Relay Service ; Server GetServerUri can return Relay port of -1
Bug Security ; Web Application Login context is not renewed as it was before

Build: 19.2.24051

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Client, .NET Client, UIUX

Move open new monitor window to corner button


Build: 19.2.23978

Issue Type Components Summary
Story Host Page

Host page to remember custom column widths in Web UI

Story Security

Validate the formatting of the one-time password field when setting up a user

Bug Host Page, UIUX, Web Application, Web Server Service

AggregateException can bubble up to UI

Sub-bug Web Server Service

AsyncWebWethod exceptions shouldn't be unwrapped

Bug Installer, .NET Client

ClickOnceRun prompts user with "Unknown Publisher"

Bug Security

Trust map isn't invalidated when auth sessions are revoked


Build: 19.2.23810.7062

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Administration Page, Permissions, UIUX

Listify scoped permission box of Edit Role Modal

Task Data Streaming

Allow omission of webservicebase returnValue in activity trace

Task Host Page, UIUX

Ability to add URL links in Notes

Task Host Page, Messages, UIUX

Disable/remove the up/down arrow effect in the messages tab

Task Security

Reduce MaxInvalidPasswordAttempts default value

Story Extension, Helper, .NET Client

Invoke client commands from the helper

Story Host Page, UIUX

Add Expanded List of Default Custom Properties

Story Session Groups

Add New Default Session Groups to Access in New Instances/Installations

Bug Administration Page, UIUX

Admin page needs more top padding

Bug Administration Page, Host Page, Session Groups, Triggers

Unable to acknowledge certain types of Events added as SessionEvents from a Trigger

Bug Data Streaming, Host Page

Calls to GetScripts and GetMessages failing due to WebServiceBase refactor

Bug Data Streaming

Activity tracing doesn't trace exceptions

Bug Data Streaming

Not sending activity trace from WebServiceBase web methods that encounter exceptions

Bug Host Page, Security, Session Manager Service

Support sessions show up as access sessions for users with certain roles after upgrading to 19.0

Bug Host Page, Session Manager Service

Old sessions appear on host page after upgrade to 19.0

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Command Panel in MainDetailHeaderPanel has wrong layout when window size smaller than 1100px

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Error dialog has bad padding

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Vertical layout text inconsistent with standard guide

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Navigation bar bottom margin is incorrect

Bug Host Page, Mobile, Web Application, Web Server Service

Nav and Session Group panel collapses when session group w/ subgroups is tapped

Bug Session Groups, Session Manager Service

LastGuestConnectedEventTime not functioning in filter expression

Bug Session Groups

GuestClientVersion < $SERVERVERSION session group filter doesn't work

Bug Session Groups

Certain usages of the SUBSTRING function in session subgroup definitions can take down an instance

Bug web.config

AccessTokenExpireSeconds too high causes instance not to load