ConnectWise Control 19.4

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19.4.24619 (2019-07-01)

19.4.24686 (2019-07-09)

19.4.25240 (2019-08-27)

19.4.25308 (2019-09-09)

19.4.25542 (2019-10-02)

19.4.25622 (2019-10-18)

19.4.25666 (2019-10-23)

19.4.25699 (2019-10-28)

19.4.25759 (2019-11-05)

Build: 19.4.25759


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Mono Server

WebClient requests fail due to unsupported feature on Mono server

Build: 19.4.25699

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Java Client, Mac Clicks aren't properly translated to multi-monitor macOS guests
Bug Java Client, Mac Only seeing one screen for Mac guests

Build: 19.4.25666


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Code Signing

Update project to use new ConnectWise signing cert

Build: 19.4.25622


Issue Type Components Summary
Story Guest Client, Host Client, Java Client, Mac

Investigate connecting to Mac on Catalina OS

Story Installer, Mac

Improve build installer flow for Catalina OS

Story Security

Require email address field to be completed for internal users

Task Authentication, Extension API

Add ability to authenticate via SSO JSON web token for CW Now

Bug Authentication

Case sensitivity change in 19.2 can disable email 2FA on upgrade from earlier versions

Bug Java Client

Java host client hung when taking a screenshot


Build: 19.4.25542


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Cloud, Security

Rename instance/cloudsite cookies to fix issues with logout, etc

Bug Extension API

InstallerFileBuilder.BuildFile update breaks compatibility with extensions causing load error on 19.4 and master

Bug Guest Client, Host Client

Meeting Session screen sharing broken in 19.4

Bug Login Page, Security

X-Login-Result can allow user enumeration

Bug Session Groups

Unable to join sessions when session group is empty

Build: 19.4.25308

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Authentication, Cloud, Security

Update CloudWebAuthenticationProvider to Provide Web Host Name to Cloud in Order to Restrict Logins

Task Java Client, Mac

Notarize Mac App

Bug Data Streaming, Server

Application-level data is lost in activity tracing

Bug Host Client, Mono Server

WebConfigurationManager's LRUcache evictions count reached its max size

Bug Mono Server

Mono server crashes on installation/startup on Debian

Bug Permissions, Server

Permissions can be incorrectly granted for subgroup members


Build: 19.4.25240

Issue Type Components Summary
Task app.config

Update app.config to disable 'require consent' by default

Task app.config, Guest Client

Create app.config setting to enable/disable "Require consent"

Task Java Client, Mac, Performance

Use CGDisplayStream to capture pixels on the Mac Client

Task Reporting

Add handler for html report types.

Task Server, web.config

Update web.config to allow for a max http request size of 16MB

Story-bug Relay Service

SCP-31527 SessionInfoAttributes are overwritten when host joins an existing session

Story Triggers, UIUX

Implement new trigger UI

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, Installer

Upgrading host client fails when using "Upgrade" dialog after joining session

Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Host client upgrade dialog continually launches in certain error conditions

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, UIUX

"Fullscreen when maximized" no longer covers the windows taskbar

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

"Require My Consent" doesn't work

Bug Guest Client

Rename FPSTracker to FpsTracker to match .net class library design guidelines

Bug Guest Client

Non-elevated windows user sessions crash when executing remote commands then manually closing the console.

Bug Host Client, Java Client

Unable to type on remote machine from Java host client

Bug Guest Client, Java Client

19.3+ guest clients mostly broken on Raspberry Pi

Bug Login Page, Security

Invalid password question prevents user from logging in after 19.2 update

Bug Server

GetServerUri can throw when deriving port from forwarded scheme

Bug Session Manager Service

SessionManager overwrites LogonSessions with the default value.

Bug Guest Page, UIUX

Guest join code input box extends outside the dialog

Build: 19.4.24686

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Administration Page, Audit Page, Security

Audit result data not properly escaped

Bug Guest Page

IE Guest page broken by shorthand property names


Build: 19.4.24619

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Administration Page ; Authentication ; UIUX Remove disabled user sources from admin page on default install
Task Guest Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Under control banner style updates
Task Host Client ; UIUX Show tooltips for Mute/Unmute button in SoundControlPanel in Host Client
Task Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Added some padding for docked panel in Host client border-less design
Task Host Page ; UIUX Update timeline colors for guest and host
Task Host Page ; Session Groups ; UIUX Update session group reference with Uptime
Task Host Page ; UIUX Create Prototypes for Updated Tab UI
Task Host Page ; UIUX Implement minimum column widths - Web UI
Task Host Page ; UIUX Update Wake-on-LAN message in the command's dialog
Task Linux ; Mono Server Upgrade Mono to improve supportability of on-premise Linux installations
Sub-task Host Client ; Java Client ; UIUX Number the buttons within the 'Select Monitor' toolbar control beginning from '1' instead of '0'
Sub-bug Cloud Cloud: Constructor on type ScreenConnect.ColumnDefinition not found
Story Administration Page ; Security ; UIUX Add User Name to "Delete User" Modal
Story Administration Page ; Authentication ; Security Improve efficiency creating or editing internal users
Story Host Client ; Java Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Add toggle switch to host client to control clipboard sync
Story Host Page ; UIUX Timeline Redesign - V1
Story Host Page ; UIUX Better differentiation between Notes, Commands, and Messages tabs
Story Host Page ; UIUX Make shift+doubleclick on session open the "join with options" dialog
Story Host Page ; Manage Toolbox ; Toolbox ; UIUX Access Manage Toolbox from Run Tool dialog
Bug Authentication ; Web Server Service Norwegian language setting in browser corrupts SAML request
Bug Authentication ; Mono Server ; Security Password hashes are not correctly transformed/maintained when upgrading the server on mono
Bug Extension Runtime LoadError is not produced when no extension components can be loaded due to version requirements
Bug Guest Client ; Java Client ; Linux Guest Java client doesn't send screen data for non-Mac operating systems
Bug Guest Client ; .NET Client Meeting guest client View menu includes non-functional "Share My Desktop" button
Bug Guest Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Guest name does not show up in Windows Client chat box
Bug Guest Page ; UIUX ActionPanel and Welcome panel should be vertical aligned
Bug Guest Page ; Mobile ; UIUX Join button on guest page is positioned incorrectly on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Bug Helper ; Host Client ; .NET Client Helper's Google search does not return results past page 1
Bug Helper ; Host Client ; .NET Client Helper's Google search button does not return results when button is clicked
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Sync view control panel logon session drop down with current logon session
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Monitor selection panel isn't refreshing every second
Bug Host Client ; Java Client ; Mobile ; .NET Client ; Performance The Windows client does not auto refresh when connects to a iOS device
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client An error is logged in event log when a host disconnects from an access guest client
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client ; UIUX Meeting Host panel extends into taskbar
Bug Host Client ; Performance Screen Capturing around Mouse looks weird
Bug Host Client ; Java Client ; Mac ; UIUX Java host client: no scrollbars when maximized while connected to a guest with a larger resolution than the host
Bug Host Client ; .NET Client Using asian language IME in host prevents keyboard input in guest
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Session table hover over state will override selected state
Bug Host Page ; UIUX No result shown after send email in Host Page invitation tab
Bug Host Page ; UIUX Command results from windows seem to include a blank newline at beginning
Bug Performance Investigate whether ScreenFlushMessage should have MessageAttribute isUrgent=true
Bug Performance ; Session Manager Service Improve cached entry handling for subgroups with a large number of sessions on very active servers