ConnectWise Control 20.5

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20.5.27705 (2020-04-07)

20.5.27798 (2020-04-10)

20.5.27890 (2020-04-16)

20.5.27989 (2020-04-20)

20.5.28167 (2020-04-28)

20.5.28406 (2020-05-14)

20.5.28493 (2020-05-22)


  • Mono build currently unavailable

Build: 20.5.28493


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Session Groups

Empty Session Groups with multiple levels are not updated properly

Build: 20.5.28406


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Host Page, Manage Toolbox

Cannot rename or move or delete directory in Run Tool modal

Story-bug Toolbox

Cannot create/delete directories and files in Run Tool modal

Bug Administration Page

Admin page doesn't refresh to load extension tab after installing an extension

Build: 20.5.28167


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Guest Client

Null-reference exception dialog when trying to open guest client

Bug Host Client, UIUX

New host client settings button is misaligned

Story-bug Server

AccessTokenExpireSeconds is not updated to new default when upgrading an instance

Bug Authentication

Authentication with SAML/ADFS fails after upgrade to 20.3

Bug Host Page, Session Groups

Cannot cancel queued events

Bug Session Manager Service

Sessions incorrectly identified as ended

Build: 20.5.27989


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Page

Update HostPassPanel.LifetimeItems default values to add a 2 hour option

Story-bug Administration Page

Admin page UI issues with modals

Story-bug Server

New default access token expire seconds not respected

Bug Administration Page

License Page load error "daysUtilOutOfMaintenance is not defined"

Bug Guest Page

Guest page Go buttons have incorrect styling on Mac's Safari and Chrome

Build: 20.5.27890


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Session Groups

$OTHER* variables in filter expression breaks the host page

Bug Session Groups

Misconfigured subgroup expression causes calls to GetAccessToken to fail which prevents hosts from connecting to sessions

Build: 20.5.27798


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Administration Page

Audit log result is missing session events, IP addresses and more


Build: 20.5.27705


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Guest Client

Allow guests to enter login credentials via tray icon menu

Task Host Page, Manage Toolbox

Increase discoverability of the Toolbox on the Host page

Task Licensing, Performance

Asyncify LicenseInfo to avoid thread starvation at startup

Task Performance, Relay Service

Improve Relay action scheduler performance

Task Licensing, Performance, Server

Improve performance of LicenseRuntime at high loads

Task Performance, Server

Improve performance of ObjectPool

Story-bug Host Page, Manage Toolbox

Cannot perform actions on non-dynamic toolbox items

Story .NET Client, Host Client, UIUX

Make options residing in the host client right-click menu easier to find

Story Database, Host Page

Add a field to Get Host Pass modal for the invitee's name

Story License Page

Updates to License tab UI

Bug Administration Page

Extra border in Admin page dark Shell theme.

Bug Host Client

resizing host meeting menu glitches out

Bug Host Client

share my desktop and unshare desktop don't seem to always work

Bug Host Page

Command tab scroll position resets repeatedly after executing specific command

Bug Host Page

No space between checkbox and "trust this device" label

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, web.config

"Keep device awake" setting produces excess error messages on Linux guests

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

If a macOS application bundle is used to connect to a Support session as a Guest and if it is closed using the dock icon while a Host is connected to it, it becomes unresponsive

Bug Mono Server

Mono server setup wizard does not open after installation

Bug Mono Server, Relay Service

Mono server crashes when starting relay service due to missing SameSiteMode enum

Bug Performance, Relay Service

Relay mixes up order of messages, causing screen artifacts

Bug Session Groups

Adding UnacknowledgedEventCount to session subgroup expression throws duplicate key argument exception

Bug Toolbox

Move and download operations on dynamic toolbox items do not work

Story-bug Guest Page

Guest page Go buttons have incorrect styling on IE

Bug Host Client, Java Client

Mac And Linux Host Rendering is extremely slow

Bug Security, Web Application

Reset password link has two periods in the instance URL