ConnectWise Control 20.6

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20.6.28168 (2020-05-04)

20.6.28407 (2020-05-14)

20.6.28494 (2020-05-22)

20.6.28616 (2020-06-01)

20.6.28797 (2020-06-09)

20.6.28954 (2020-06-19)


  • Mono build currently unavailable

Build: 20.6.28954


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Server

Services don't start as expected

Build: 20.6.28797


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Cloud, Server

CachingProxy async cache can't keep up in cloud and large instances

Build: 20.6.28616


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Server

Server unresponsive due to System.AccessViolationException because of sqlite close

Build: 20.6.28494


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Session Groups

Empty Session Groups with multiple levels are not updated properly

Build: 20.6.28407


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Host Page, Manage Toolbox

Cannot rename or move or delete directory in Run Tool modal

Story-bug Toolbox

Cannot create/delete directories and files in Run Tool modal

Bug Administration Page

Admin page doesn't refresh to load extension tab after installing an extension

Bug Relay Service

ActionScheduler has lower throughput and high memory usage on heavy loads

Bug Web Server Service

Server becomes unresponsive due to inability to attach to dlls


Build: 20.6.28168


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Server

AccessTokenExpireSeconds is not updated to new default when upgrading an instance

Bug Administration Page

Clear all text resource trailing space

Bug Authentication

Authentication with SAML/ADFS fails after upgrade to 20.3

Bug Guest Client

Null-reference exception dialog when trying to open guest client

Bug Host Client, UIUX

New host client settings button is misaligned

Bug Host Page, Session Groups

Cannot cancel queued events

Bug Host Page

iPad/iPhone takes two taps to change session group

Bug Java Client, Mac

Mac requires two WOL packets to actually wake

Bug Login Page

LogoPanel.Heading partially appears on login page on Shell themes

Bug Session Manager Service

Sessions incorrectly identified as ended

Bug Triggers

Format strings don't work for data field of triggered session event actions