ConnectWise Control 20.7

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20.7.28727 (2020-06-04)

20.7.28837 (2020-06-10)

20.7.28837 (2020-06-22)

20.7.29104 (2020-07-02)

20.7.29386 (2020-07-16)

20.7.29443 (2020-07-22)


  • Mono build currently unavailable

Build: 20.7.29443


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Relay Service, Router

Disconnect doesn't show up immediately

Build: 20.7.29386


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Performance

Server is leaking memory in linked cancellation token sources

Bug Server

2k8 and 2k12 servers unresponsive after upgrading to 20.7

Build: 20.7.29104


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Extension Runtime, Web Server Service

HttpModules defined in extensions do not work in 20.7+

Bug Extension Runtime, Web Server Service

Extension Module does not set Extension context when calling http modules

Build: 20.7.28955


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Server

Services don't start as expected

Build: 20.7.28837


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Cloud, Server

CachingProxy async cache can't keep up in cloud and large instances

Bug Login Page

Valid login results in "Request returned: Unauthorized"


Build: 20.7.28727


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Host Page, UIUX

Admin Page Loading state need a background color to indicate loading.

Task Host Page, Session Groups

Updated session group modal text and add hint

Task Host Page

Update CSS to make fourth column text easier to read.

Story-bug Server

Server unresponsive due to System.AccessViolationException because of sqlite close

Story-bug Toolbox

Cannot create/delete directories and files in Run Tool modal

Story app.config

Split SuspendControlAtStartup to allow configuration by session type

Story Triggers

Add quick reference to Trigger modal

Bug Administration Page

Long extension setting names require horizontal scroll of the settings modal

Bug Authentication, Security, Web Server Service

Whitespace around SAML settings is preserved resulting in insufficient permissions

Bug Guest Page

Join a Public Session - Word wrap or limit size

Bug Host Client, Java Client, Mac

Monitor toolbar in MacOS does not render based on the spatial relationship between the monitors

Bug Host Client, Mac

MacOS left or right trackpad swipe results in up/down scrolling

Bug Host Page, Manage Toolbox

Run tool non-edit mode allows drag/drop but fails

Bug Host Page

Unable to Select All or Unselect All for on role configuration

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Modal dialog master panel does not have border-radius matching the modal, and editpanel need a top border.

Bug Relay Service

ActionScheduler has lower throughput and high memory usage on heavy loads

Bug Server

Fix automatic client failover options (IP/FQDN)

Bug Server

On-Prem 20.7 takes long to start up after finishing setup

Bug Session Groups

Empty Session Groups with multiple levels are not updated properly

Bug Session Groups

Roles tied to subgroups become duplicated when deleted

Bug Session Groups

Session ordering affected by session name case (lowercase vs uppercase)

Bug Session Manager Service

Unable to end or modify sessions

Bug Web Application

Certain text unreadable due to color under Dark themes

Bug web.config

Extension module entry missing in web.config