ConnectWise Control 20.13

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20.13.1286 (2020-10-01)

20.13.1374 (2020-10-07)

20.13.1481 (2020-11-06)

20.13.1633 (2020-11-18)

20.13.1735 (2020-12-02)

20.13.1817 (2020-12-10)

20.13.1834 (2020-12-11)

20.13.1861 (2020-12-15)

20.13.1905 (2021-01-05)


  • Mono build notes here

Build: 20.13.1905


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Authentication, Login Page

Login via SSO results server null error using mobile app and browser

Bug Authentication, Server, Web Application, Web Server Service

Disabled internal user sources redirects users at login page to null path

Bug Authentication, Login Page

Newly created internal user authentication fails during login

Bug Authentication, Login Page

On-premise users cannot authenticate via CW SSO in 20.13

Build: 20.13.1861


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Authentication, Login Page

When timed out and relogin, user should land on the target page not Support page

Build: 20.13.1834


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Web Server Service

Instance web server stuck returning 503


Build: 20.13.1817


Issue Type Components Summary
Task SAML, Security

Implement skew factor for SAML time window validation

Bug .NET Client, ClickOnce

Unable to join session via ClickOnceRun

Bug Extension Runtime

Ensure backwards compatibility with recent extension runtime changes

Build: 20.13.1735


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug app.config

Corrupt app.config is breaking Advanced Configuration Editor

Bug Host Page

Browser Extension Marketplace button text should be center aligned

Bug Login Page

Login button should not use disabled color by default on Firefox

Bug Performance, Relay Service

Diagnostic trace listeners should be marked as thread safe

Bug Performance, Relay Service

High lock contention in relay timeout cancellation tokens

Bug Router, web.config

Installations with router configured in web.config fail to start on 20.12

Bug Session Manager Service

Instances on 20.13 can crash apparently out of ConnectSessionConnectionAsync


Build: 20.13.1633


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Security

Migrate Authentication forms from ASP.NET to JS

Task Authentication, Security

Use browser-provided security nonce for auth flows

Task Authentication, Security

Replace reset password link with copy-pastable code in "Forgot Password" email

Bug Guest Page

IE animation sometimes stuck at the first frame caused the modal issue in guest page

Bug Guest Page

Cannot open Join modal in IE guest page sometimes

Bug Host Page

Forced Reflow take too long when loading large session list

Bug Server

Server can become unavailable when restarting services

Bug Server

20.11 server crashing regularly due to object disposed exception

Build: 20.13.1481


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Host Page

Weird behavior when resizing columns

Bug Guest Page, Host Page

Cannot drag and drop to move modal dialog

Bug Relay Service

Instance process on ScreenConnect_20.11.1372.7585_Release can repeatedly crash upon unhandled System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException

Bug Relay Service

Wake On Lan not working as expected after upgrade to 20.11

Build: 20.13.1374


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Backstage

Crash due to message not being validated fully

Bug Extended Auditing

Downloading a session capture video throws an error in browser

Bug Extended Auditing

A single session capture is shown in multiple downloads


Build: 20.13.1286

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Extended Auditing

Limit size of capture files

Task Extension, Licensing

Add GetWebScriptUrls back to 20.13 for extension backwards compatibility

Task Host Page

Center align Connection line on host page session list view

Task Server

Improve API error message for unknown parameter

Task Server, Session Manager Service

Better handle TimeoutExceptions in SessionManager

Task Extension Runtime, Web Application

Upgrade DotNetCompilerPlatform to support C# 8

Story Audit Page

Include session captures when all events are selected in audit page

Story Host Page

Increase discoverability of column resizing

Bug Administration Page, Database, DB Maintenance, UIUX

Re-saving an existing "Delete session connections" action can duplicate the specified process type(s)

Bug Guest Page

Setting GuestWelcomePanel.Visible to false causes the action panel content to be off-center

Bug Host Page

Session table overflow out side of the window after resizing

Bug Installer

Empty or malformed app.config can cause a server upgrade to fail

Bug Java Client

Java Client crashes with a NullPointerException due to the unavailability of app.config settings

Bug Login Page

OTP prompt doesn't show the first time when Login is clicked