ConnectWise Control 21.9

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21.9.3491 (2021-05-26)

21.9.3559 (2021-06-07)

21.9.3664 (2021-06-14)

21.9.3734 (2021-06-21)

21.9.3906 (2021-06-30)


  • Mono build notes here

Build: 21.9.4007


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Server, Session Manager Service

Auto reinstalls can repeatedly fail and retry, causing heavy server load

Bug Server

Queued commands are not being run on 21.9.3972


Build: 21.9.3906


Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Mobile

Host unable to join session using the Mobile Host after upgrade to 21.9. 'Waiting for available license'

Bug Web Server Service

WebServer can crash process when restarting

Build: 21.9.3734


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Authentication

Add a way to handle both InvalidOneTimePasswordException and OneTimePasswordRequiredException

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Clients can still have flapping connections

Bug Administration Page

Admin page tabs UI issues

Build: 21.9.3664


Issue Type Components Summary
Task Server, UIUX

Various quality-of-life improvements

Bug Administration Page

In Admin / Appearance the web and client resources are not visible in Safari (cloud version)

Bug Audit Page, Security

Login Attempt Result 'Success' does not appear in Audit log on first try

Bug Session Manager Service

Clients trying to connect to deleted sessions getting stuck on Negotiating/Waiting to Retry


Build: 21.9.3559


Issue Type Components Summary
Story Host Page

Enable deep linking to specific fourth column tabs

Bug Authentication

External authentication provider return url doesn't include fragments


Build: 21.9.3491


Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client

Make Windows client release streams deterministically

Task Performance

Make web server propagate cancellation token on client disconnect

Task Server

Limit auto reinstall interval to 4 days