ConnectWise Control 22.3

Mayfield 2 years ago in ScreenConnect updated 2 years ago 6

22.3.7487 (2022-04-05)

22.3.7302 (2022-03-28)

22.3.7245 (2022-03-17)

22.3.6879 (2022-02-17)

22.3.6768 (2022-02-09)


  • Mono build notes here

Build: 22.3.7487

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Authentication, Login Page

Internal users aren't able to log in on instances with a lone external user source


Build: 22.3.7302

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Guest Client, Relay Service, Security, Session Manager Service

Reduce default guest client verification level to report-only


Build: 22.3.7245

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Activity Tracing, Guest Client, Relay Service, Session Manager Service

Add activity tracing for when guest client verification fails

Task Extension

Display all errors and warnings in extensions that fail to load

Story-bug Guest Client, Java Client

Java guest client can still unnecessarily reconnect

Story Permissions, Session Groups

Update role permissions when a session group is renamed

Bug Relay Service, Server

Relay service can occasionally hang while Stopping

Bug Web Server Service

Web server shutdown, etc. can hang while trying to reenter lock

Build: 22.3.6879

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Performance, Relay Service

Change BinaryReaderWriter and BufferStream to use ValueTask

Story Host Page, UIUX

Double clicking host page resize handles should reset column widths

Bug Performance, Relay Service

Significant and persistent relay performance issues for some on-premise instances

Bug web.config

Installer transform can overwrite specific values of user-defined settings


Build: 22.3.6768

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Authentication, Performance

Get user/membership/webauth/etc completely converted to async

Task Extension Runtime, Performance, Relay Service, Router

Various optimizations based on observed traces from large instances

Task Performance, Relay Service

Change MessageSerializer and TypeSerializer to use ValueTask