ConnectWise Control 22.7

Mayfield 2 years ago in ScreenConnect updated 2 years ago 4

22.7.8783 (2022-08-08)

22.7.8562 (2022-07-20)


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Build: 22.7.8783

Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Web Server Service

Transient 'Unknown error' when adding/configuring/removing user sources

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Hosts are not put into the Guest's logon session if the Guest is connected via RDP

Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Host client can crash with System.FormatException when parsing local DateTime

Bug Backstage, Client Resource, UIUX

ApplicationIcon32 is clipped instead of scaled in the Backstage Shell

Bug Performance, Relay Service

Relay processing of queued session events can be repeatedly interrupted

Bug UIUX, Web Resource

Web resource error message shows ">" as ">"

Task Guest Page, Security

Extend rate-limit manager to support limiting session code lookups


Build: 22.7.8562

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Administration Page, Extension, UIUX

Uninstalling extensions initially looks like it's not doing anything

Bug Extension, Web Server Service

Uninstalling extensions can cause the web server service to unnecessarily restart

Bug Host Page, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Session manager can break when changing session properties that are part of session group filter expressions

Bug Host Page, Performance, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Obscenely long session group filters can prevent the host page from loading