ConnectWise Control 22.8

Mayfield 2 years ago in ScreenConnect updated 2 years ago 8

22.8.10013 (2022-10-21)

22.8.9717 (2022-10-05)

22.8.9612 (2022-09-30)

22.8.9343 (2022-09-13)

22.8.9204 (2022-08-30)


  • Mono build notes here

Build: 22.8.10013

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Guest Client, Host Client, Installer, Security

Add additional validation of client installer URL parameters to inhibit certain social engineering attacks

Task Code Signing

Update code signing certificate


Build: 22.8.9717

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Guest Client, Server

Newly created 22.8 instances have identical instance identifiers

Build: 22.8.9612

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Host Client, UIUX

Host client menu items are incorrectly disabled for non-Windows guest clients

Bug Host Client, UIUX

Start sharing button is incorrectly disabled in Meeting

Build: 22.8.9343

Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Session Groups, Session Manager Service, UIUX

Error modal is shown when using out-of-range SUBSTRING arguments in subgroup expression

Bug Backstage

Backstage shell does not load in Server Core 2022

Bug Permissions, Security, Session Groups

Users without ViewSessionGroup permission for a session group can still see its summary


Build: 22.8.9204

Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client, Guest Client, Host Client, Security

Make certain Windows client settings user-specific

Task Database, Performance, Session Manager Service

Various database interop optimizations

Task Extension, UIUX

Enable multiline extension settings

Task Guest Client, Relay Service, Security

Enable seamless rotation of asymmetric keys

Task Performance, Server

Remove 32-bit binaries from Windows server

Story .NET Client, Backstage, Guest Client, Host Client, UIUX

Show host client actions as disabled when not supported by the guest

Bug Guest Client, Relay Service, Security

Guest client validation "High" setting can erroneously block legitimate guest connections

Bug Host Client, UIUX

Host client window jumps around screen when logon session changed

Bug Host Page, Session Groups, UIUX

Host page does not expand session group upon selection when the URL-based session group is invalid

Bug Installer, Java Client

Server can't build .deb client installer if default from address is empty

Bug Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Bad subgroup expression can totally wipe out sessions and bork session manager until restarted