ConnectWise Control 22.10

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22.10.11109 (2023-01-17)

22.10.10924 (2023-01-04)

22.10.10791 (2022-12-20)

22.10.10590 (2022-12-01)


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Build: 22.10.11109

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Error when trying to send clipboard keystrokes when Share Clipboard is disabled

Bug Android, Guest Client, Guest Page

Unattended Android guests can't connect to 22.10 instances

Bug Extension API, Installer, UIUX

Extension-provided build installer selection modals can fail to open

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac, UIUX

Consent dialog doesn't appear when required on macOS guest

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

Client reinstall can repeatedly fail on macOS Ventura

Build: 22.10.10924

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

WindowsClient process crashes during UI initialization on Windows 7/2008 R2

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Guest client can resend tons of unnecessary LogonSessionListMessage messages when an RDP session is present

Build: 22.10.10791

Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client, Installer, Java Client, Web Server Service

Add client launch parameter parsing/validation to all installer handlers

Task Backstage

Add Firefox to Backstage Shell taskbar

Bug Authentication, On-prem

Login session immediately expires for recently created users in on-premise servers with time zones set ahead of UTC

Bug .NET Client, Host Client

"Take Screenshot - To Clipboard" can crash the host client

Bug .NET Client, Installer

Client installer fails on machines with "FIPS mode" enabled

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Client service crashes in SetProcessMitigationPolicy on Server 2012 R2

Bug Database, Installer, On-prem

On-premise servers with pre-v4.0 session events can still fail to initialize in v22.9

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Missing padding between radio buttons and labels on delete dialog

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Typo in host page search filter "no results" message


Build: 22.10.10590

Issue Type Components Summary
Task .NET Client, Security

Harden Windows client executables against DLL injection

Task .NET Client, Host Client, UIUX

Improve UI rendering during host client positioning/resizing

Task .NET Client, CAM, Security

Remove CAM ephemeral users from administrators group when they're disabled

Task Activity Tracing, Data Streaming

Log full exception stack traces in WebServiceBase activity tracing

Task Authentication, Security, UIUX

Display "Trust this device" days in UI and reduce default setting from 30 days to 7 days

Task Guest Client, Host Client, Security

Make client launch parameter parsing/validation more robust

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Host Client, Remote Printing

Selecting 'All Printers' for remote printing can create two copies of each printer on the guest machine

Bug .NET Client, CAM

Ephemeral CAM users are not added to renamed/localized Administrators group

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Relay Service

Queued client auto-reinstalls can interrupt active host-connected sessions

Bug Administration Page, Session Event Triggers, UIUX

Delete Trigger Action icons are not visible in dark mode

Bug Administration Page, Overview Page, UIUX

Bottom tiles on the Overview page are missing bottom margins

Bug Audit Page, On-prem, UIUX

Default audit log query time range doesn't include most recent entries

Bug Guest Client, Java Client

"Session Inaccessible" message when connecting to Support session with Windows Java Guest

Bug Host Page, UIUX

Modal submit button loading indicators can overlap text

Bug Performance, Relay Service

Relay can take a long time to shut down many client connections

Bug Security, Security Service, Web Application

User roles from active directory user sources are cached indefinitely

Bug Web Server Service

Guid[] parameters of web methods don't work with query parameters