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ScreenConnect 23.5

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23.5.8 (2023-07-18)

23.5.7 (2023-07-13)

23.5.5 (2023-07-06)

23.5.4 (2023-07-03)

23.5.3 (2023-06-22)

23.5.1 (2023-06-02)

23.5.0 (2023-05-19)

Delayed Stable

Build: 23.5.8

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Activity Tracing, Session Manager Service

Improve SessionManager logging further

Build: 23.5.7

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Activity Tracing, Security Manager Service, Session Manager Service

Improve WCF exception serialization and activity tracing

Bug Android, Host Page

Joining session as host within Android app fails with ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

Build: 23.5.5

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Extension

Restore SC.util.formatSecondsDuration for extension backwards compatibility

Build: 23.5.4

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug Reporting, Security

Properly sanitize data in HTML reports


Build: 23.5.3

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, UIUX

SessionHostsDisconnected* popup should show at the end of support sessions (not just access)

Bug Host Page, UIUX

"Invalid time value" exception when opening General session details tab

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, Windows Server

Server 2012 screen starts flickering when using drag and drop from the remote machine's desktop

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Calculating guest info shouldn't fail when just WMI or one part of our query fails

Bug Audit Page, UIUX

Audit page time fields don't wrap cleanly

Bug Audit Page, Database, Performance

Querying audit log takes unnecessarily long when querying large database even when no results are returned

Bug Authentication, OAuth2, OpenID, SAML, User Sources

User may not be properly redirected back to Host page after successful SAML/OAuth login

Bug Host Page, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Existing pre-23.3 session groups with no filter expression may return no sessions

Bug Host Page, Session Manager Service

Searching by SessionID on the host page no longer works

Bug Java Client, Mac

macOS agents can fail to connect back to the server after a failed reinstall

Bug Relay Service, Session Manager Service

Reported versions that are negative or overflow into negative create round-trip parsing errors

Bug Reporting

DateTime literals don't work in reports

Bug Security, Session Manager Service

Sub-group permission entries are not correctly applied for certain sub-group expressions

Bug Session Manager Service

Intermittent "Session not found" errors when *SessionExpireSeconds is enabled


Build: 23.5.1

Issue Type Components Summary
Feature .NET Client, Guest Client, UIUX

Allow extensions to embed iFrame into SessionHostsDisconnectedMessage dialog

Bug Host Page, Security, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Error appears on host page when trying to delete QueuedMessage

Bug Host Page, Security, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Session group permissions aren't working properly

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Screen flickers and session is unusable when connecting to certain 2012 R2 machines

Bug Licensing, Relay Service, Server, Session Manager Service

Instance backend has become less resilient to licensing and network blips


Build: 23.5.0

Issue Type Components Summary
Feature .NET Client, Guest Client, Host Client

Add ability for host to change Windows guest machine monitor resolutions

Feature .NET Client, Backstage, Guest Client, UIUX

Backstage Shell dark theme

Feature Administration Page, Host Page, UIUX

Use more descriptive frontend date-time formats

Feature CAM, Session Event Triggers

Start tracking trigger modified date

Task .NET Client, Relay Service

Create QueuedLogonSessionLock and QueuedLogonSessionLogoff session events that can target specified logon sessions

Task .NET Client, Performance, Server

Remove EndOfStreamException from DeflateCoder that's clogging up traces

Task Extension Runtime

Ensure ExtensionContext.Current is available during runtime component initialization

Task Host Page, UIUX

Update Session Group List hover over state and selected state

Task Performance, Relay Service

Limit concurrency of guest session info requests in relay

Task Session Event Triggers

Use AsyncLocal instead of LogicalCallContext for trigger recursion detection

Bug Authentication, On-prem

Existing user-related timestamps (LastLoginDate, etc.) don't respect timezone when upgrading on-prem from 22.8/22.9 to 22.10+

Bug Backstage, Licensing

Apply Backstage license capabilities consistently across license types

Bug Guest Client, Java Client

Java client reinstall can cause some Debian machines to create duplicate sessions when they attempt to callback

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Linux

Unable to join Support sessions from Linux machine running openjdk 18

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Mac

Screen Recording permission does not consistently persist across major macOS version upgrades

Bug Guest Client, Java Client, Linux

Screen data takes a long time to refresh after logging out on a Linux Guest machine

Bug Host Page, Security, Session Groups, Session Manager Service

Host Page Search suggests groups the logged-in user doesn't have permissions for

Bug Performance, Web Server Service

Web server output cache can grow very large