ConnectWise Control 22.6

Mayfield 2 years ago in ScreenConnect updated 2 years ago 6

22.6.8722 (2022-08-02)

22.6.8531 (2022-07-18)

22.6.8414 (2022-07-08)

22.6.8153 (2022-06-16)


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Build: 22.6.8722

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Host client can crash with System.FormatException when parsing local DateTime

Build: 22.6.8531

Issue Type Components Summary
Bug .NET Client, Guest Client

Guest Windows client can crash when using clipboard

Build: 22.6.8414

Issue Type Components Summary
Task Backstage

Make backstage update seamless for partners

Task Backstage, UIUX

Backstage search box UI tweaks

Bug .NET Client, Host Client

Attempting to share an application causes host client to crash

Bug Extension, Extension Runtime

Modifying/rebuilding extension components can fail because the runtime cannot find a valid component loader

Bug Backstage

Backstage Shell crashes intermittently


Build: 22.6.8153

Issue Type Components Summary
Story .NET Client, Backstage, Guest Client, UIUX

Create custom shell for Backstage

Task .NET Client, Relay Service

Refactor internal VirtualStreamReceiver API

Task .NET Client, Debug Tracing, Remote Printing

Trace remote print job driver info

Task Cloud, Extension Runtime, Web Server Service

Support C# 10 in runtime-compiled code

Bug .NET Client, Guest Client, UIUX

Guest Client application is not able to reappear after a Guest clicks Show Desktop

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, Remote Printing, UIUX

Unable to select "No Printer" in Essentials menu if RemotePrintingActivated is on by default

Bug .NET Client, Host Client, UIUX

Host client can crash when resizing guest application

Bug Database, DB Maintenance

Compacting the database within the maintenance plan doesn't immediately reduce database file size

Bug Performance, Session Manager Service

Spiraling session manager lock contention under high load can degrade performance