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Oh, I understand.  There was a miscommunication with your tech...

You can disregard, then.

Thank you

So does this mean that AFTER I read the comment, it'll start that delay, or it will delay and then clear that dot regardless on whether someone read it?

My concern is that I'll get a message, and the timeout will clear it without me having read it.


Hi there

For me, it's to remove old clients that have been decommissioned, so they are actually offline, but would say idle for 300 days, for example (as opposed to a computer that's merely turned-off for the day, which would have a shorter 'idle' period indicated).  Some of these would also not say 'idle', but guest last connected 300 days ago.  Both of these functionalities would be useful to search-for, to help with cleanup.


Would also be nice to generate a report and/or search based on "idle longer than XXX days".  Would make it easier to delete retired machines.

It wouldn't be a big deal if it were a small IT department, but when it's a managed service provider pushing out updates (as an example), one needs to view a snapshot of the screen (a refreshed ones) for many dozens of computers in a short time span.  It really adds up the time to do so when you have to switch back and forth between the tabs.  Sometimes one needs info that's present in both these tabs.  

An option to move the screenshot, at least, would be nice (rather than have it imposed on people with the new way, even though I do see the advantage of having it there).

Just like in V6.2.  It was useful to see all the info, including screenshot, in one tab.  Even if the thumbnail was smaller as a result