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That's great to hear, using the Report Manager extension for this would be excellent! For what it's worth I really want to see a list of all users and the last time they successfully logged in.

Release notes for 2021.12 mention "Task - Reporting - Make security database reportable". Perhaps that's the groundwork that's needed for ConnectWise to build this report?

FWIW I really want to be able to run a report to show each user (from the Internal Users table) and see when they last logged in. This is very basic for user management - it would allow me to determine which accounts are stale. Can we build this?

I think the iOS app would be fine if it just supported FaceID / TouchID - it's just too cumbersome to log into.

This is really important and is a very basic security feature for iOS. Please add FaceID/TouchID it should be quite easy. It’s a simple adjustment with a major impact to productivity and security.